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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Make money Selling toys and Baby Products from Home

There is a money spinner in sale of toys to different markets but more especially for the rich and middle class. Children love to play and have fun and most parents are willing to do what they can to provide for their children. They love to see their children smile and be happy and wouldn’t mind doing what they can to put smiles on their faces. One of the ways kids love to have fun is to play with their toys especially toddlers and pre-teens (kids between 5 and 10 years). There is a range of products that can serve this market from baby dolls to toy guns, crafted super heros, comics, teddy bears and toy vehicles the list of potential products are quite many. But not all parents are satisfied with buying toys, some want their children to learn while having fun so they may want educational toys to be sold to them as well. For instance board and word games such chess, scrabble, jigsaw and other riddle games are also worth considering when thinking of going into the business of selling toys.

But there is another opportunity in baby products as well. Hair lotions, baby oils, nappies, baby clothes, shoes, cots and toys are also potential money spinners. Babies are adorable creatures and no better way to show them love than for their parents to buy things that will make them more comfortable and happier. There are also baby showers to consider. Selling a gift bag or basket containing a host of items targeted at babies isn’t a bad idea either. These items can be sold off to people and presented as gifts at child naming ceremonies, birthdays or even at weddings. Young married couples who are expecting to children very soon will especially be grateful for the opportunity to buy their unborn children lovely gift items to keep them happy.

The market is huge and the opportunity is very real, most middle class and upper class folks consider buying toys for their kids a part of the growing up ritual whereas baby items are a must for all classes. Tapping this opportunity is really worth all the trouble because there is a waiting market and what’s even better is being able to start the business with little capital and from home for that matter.


  1. Am a little bit confused about the article. Are you saying to buy these things from abroad and sell them or do you get them in Nigeria there?

  2. Could be either way. Here in Nigeria there are wholesale dealers in baby products and kiddies toys, on the other hand buying them from abroad isn't a bad idea either. So it really depends on the entrepreneur involved and his/her identified market and available resources of course.

  3. Toys are very good thing to do but the issue is how many people will love to have for themselves let alone the children.