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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Calling Lagos Nigeria Contacts: Lagos Nigeria Phone Book

By Onwueme Paul

Lagos being the most economically strategic place in Nigeria has a very unique and easy to reach phone directory when compared with other states and regions of the country. Lagos Nigeria has a unique phone code 01 if you are calling a Lagos landline within Nigeria or +234-1- (the dash means you don’t need to dial 0) preceding the number if it is a landline. However you will not have to include the state code 01 or 1 if you are calling a mobile phone number. Just dial country code with the number excluding 0 (if it is preceded by 0).

If you are calling Lagos Nigeria from overseas don’t forget to include the country code +234 (ha-ha, I’m just playing with you).

Examples of dialing a Landline Phone Number in Lagos Nigeria

Extension number (3 digits) followed by 3 or 4 digits. For instance 271-2304, calling this number from outside Lagos but within Nigeria dial, 01-271-2304 but dial +234-1-271-2304 from outside Nigeria.

Examples of Mobile Phone Numbers in Lagos Nigeria

Most mobile phone numbers are provided by GSM service providers whereas others are by CDMA providers. The mobile phone numbers usually are in this form;

070(2-9) followed by 7 numbers for instance; 0702, 0703, 0704, 0705, 0706, 0707, 0708 and so on followed by 7 numbers. My mobile phone number is 0709-201-1484

080(2-9) followed by 7 numbers for instance; 0802, 0803…………. 0809 followed by 7 numbers. Another of my mobile phone number is 0803 206 4106.

080(10) followed by 6 numbers.

Summary of calling numbers in Lagos Nigeria Phone directory will therefore be

  • Calling any of these numbers from abroad will be +234-1-(phone number) for landlines and for the GSM and CDMA lines, +234-(mobile phone number excluding the preceding 0)
  • Calling any of these numbers outside Lagos but within Nigeria simply dial 01-(phone number) for landlines and 070 and 080 number series.

Zip/Postal codes of Lagos Nigeria

The postal code of Lagos Nigeria is 101001-29 depending on location of city or town. For instance the postal code for my part of town, Ebute metta is 101012 while that of surulere is 101014.

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