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Thursday, October 22, 2009

List of businesses one can start with N 50,000 or less

By Onwueme Paul

One of the questions I have noticed frequently asked is what kind of business can one start with N 50,000 or less. Some people especially young school leavers and students looking for a source of income ask questions like this in order to know what venture they can start with the little funds they have.

So I have decided to write this post as an answer to this question. I have taken time to select a list of businesses one can start with N 50,000 or less. Although this list is not exhaustive it still offers many options to would be entrepreneurs and self employment seekers.

List of businesses you can start in Lagos Nigeria for N 50,000 or less

1. Beads reseller ship
2. Ice block making
3. Recharge cards reseller ship
4. GSM products reseller ship
5. Block moulding
6. Call centre business
7. Cake baking
8. Outdoor catering
9. Fruit selling
10. Pure water reseller ship
11. Newspaper vending

Middleman businesses

12. Buyer/seller linking
13. Drop shipper

Agency services

14. Real Estate Agent
15. SME loan Consultant
16. Freelance marketing Executive
17. House keeping services

Skills/Talent based Businesses

18. Copy writer
19. Martial arts trainer
20. Ghost writer
21. Computer trainer
22. Talent hunter
23. Mobile tailor
24. Internet solutions
25. Researcher

Contract/self employment

26. Hawker/mobile super market
27. Event planner
28. Self publisher
29. Web publisher
30. Web designer
31. Chess instructor
32. Product/ service Marketer
33. Dance instructor
34. Computer instructor
35. Blogging

Knowledge based business

36. Consultant
37. Home tutor
38. Internet training

Rental services

39. Laptop rentals
40. Venture capital
41. Cab services

Special services

42. Day care/baby sitting
43. Errand services
44. Yoghourt making
45. Sandwich making
46. Customer services
47. Product promotions
48. Web content development
49. Digital photography
50. Sale of hand made crafts

There are still many more opportunities to look for just take time to observe and analyse your environment for solutions to people’s problems.

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