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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to find jobs in Lagos Nigeria

By Onwueme Paul

When we hear stories of graduates who are unemployed years after completing their NYSC we are tempted to ask – are jobs really that hard to find? Or is it a case of using the wrong approach or sources in search of needed jobs? Personally I believe it is both although it’s more likely that the jobs are scarce rather than the applicants not knowing how to search for work. Before going into details of how to search for jobs I’ll suggest you read my article on why many Nigerian graduates remain unemployed.

True jobs are scarce but so are skills and quality candidates, therefore if you are a highly qualified, skillful candidate who applies the right approach to job search, it shouldn’t take you long before you become employed.

1. Recruitment Agencies

Have you been using recruitment agencies in your job search? Sure many of them can be unethical and exploitative of job seekers, but some of them are experts and are really good at connecting employers with suitable candidates. With the help of recruitment agencies your job search is made a lot easier especially if you are highly competitive and qualified for your preferred position. So make it one of you job search strategies.

2. Newspapers

Newspapers especially the guardian on Tuesday and Thursday offer information about available vacancies and job search techniques and tips that will greatly increase the job search of serious job seekers. Others such as the punch on Wednesday are also useful.

3. Online Job search Sites

Online job sites such as naijahotjobs.com, nairalist.com, nairaland.com, ngcareers.com, nigeriagalleria.com, jetheights.com and many others are good at what they do which is publishing vacancies. I personally have attended many job interviews from information gotten from these sites especially nairalist and nairaland.

4. Classified Listings

Classified listings such as nairalist.com, nigeriagalleria.com and dealfish.com can provide quick and easily accessible information and contacts for job seekers.

5. Search Engine Research

Another technique is to use keyword based search engine research. For instance if you are a computer engineer looking for a job opening, you could try the use of keywords such as “Engineering Jobs In Lagos Nigeria 2011” or “IT Jobs in Lagos Nigeria 2011” can provide valuable insights into job search and vacancies.

6. Cold Calling

Cold calling involves sending unsolicited applications for job vacancies whether or not they exist. Some organizations such as Etisalat encourage job seekers to send unsolicited applications. Waiting around for vacancies to be publicised might be hurting your chances but so too is showing up without invitation. However, no guts no glory, be wise when you use this method.

7. Social Network

Some job seekers are smart because they can work with people to get what they want. They don’t just chat and socialize for the sake of it but are more interested in how those social rituals can benefit them in their quest to get what they want. On facebook and nairaland, many people start or form groups and mini threads relating to job search as a way of sharing information that could land them jobs.