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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to start a legitimate, profitable internet based business in Nigeria with little or no money

By Onwueme Paul

There are many kinds of internet businesses one could start in Nigeria with very little or no capital to spare. With as little as just a few hundred Naira one could kick start a business that will not only provide income but also sustain other ventures one intends to pursue.

Forget about whatever myths you may have heard people say about internet businesses and failure rates. I am living proof that one can make money legitimately in Nigeria and also survive on that income. I am a blogger and speak from experience.

To the topic of today, how can you start a profitable internet business in Nigeria with little or no money? As the name implies, internet based business requires internet access, but you do not necessarily need to purchase internet facilities or equipments such as a modem, laptop and internet service to access the internet, you could patronise a cyber café instead or better yet, a friend or relative who has internet access may permit you to use his/hers for free.
With the issue of internet access resolved the next step is to have a web presence.

By web presence I mean a way in which people can find you on the world wide web, as a blogger I need a blog, as an affiliate (a middleman selling other people’s products and earning a commission) you many need to use clever tactics like submitting reviews to article directories like ezinearticles.com or micro blogging sites like hubpages to make those interesting commissions.

But before anything, you need to know exactly what you want to do and how you will do it. For instance, I love to read and write about businesses, hence this blog is focused on businesses in Lagos Nigeria, (I grew up in Lagos but now live in Abuja) and everything on this blog is related to that theme. Likewise you have to find a niche/topic/central idea you wish to focus on. Once you start, remain focused do not allow distractions stop you from achieving your goal.

Like every business, you need to know how to market/sell your product and service and although you do not have a serious product (for the moment) your web presence is your ultimate product. Learn to market that product using social networking sites like facebook, twitter, nairaland and other internet based communities.

How do you make money? There are several ways to make money but the most common and most rewarding method is through pay per click revenue from programs such as Google’s Adsense. As you write articles that are relevant to a certain group of people, you display Adsense Adverts on your blog or webpages, you get paid whenever any of your readers click on those ads. It’s that simple. Others ways of making cool money from blogging include; affiliate marketing, selling your own information product, displaying other people’s adverts on your blog/webpages among other means.

I currently use blogger and hubpages to blog and I can proudly say that both are free services and I still make money using both. The only money I spend is accessing the internet.

That is my little contribution. Do you have anything to say? I would love to hear from you.