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Monday, July 25, 2011

Where to find Nigerian Business News

By Onwueme Paul

Are you looking for news about business in Lagos Nigeria?

There are a couple of sources of business news and information. Depends anyway on what kind of information you are looking for. Naturally your search for business news should start with the internet because it is the fastest and cheapest means of access general business news in Lagos Nigeria.

Another source of business news is of course the good old papers, the national dailies. Many readily come to mind such as Guardian, Thisday, Punch, Businessday, Financial times and Castles. The guardian in particular offers quality and authoritative business news everyday of week except on weekends. The punch is my favorite for news and information.

It’s suited for the simple and sophisticated mind without being poor in quality and expensive to purchase. The Businessday news paper is a very credible source of news as well, infact they are experts in that field. Thisday tends to appeal more to CEOs and High end professionals but is also rich in Business news.

The radio and television also provide the much needed news and information relating to business. For instance, there are Television and radio programs dedicated to various aspects of business. In Lagos for instance some Television stations such as Channels, Super Screen, Galaxy, Silverbird, LTV and MITV have interesting programs that cover general business, to branding, advertising, insurance and stocks and investment.

There is also real Estate Half hour on Classic FM every Mondays at 12.30 pm and UNILAG Fm also has its own program menu for business news.
Websites and blogs like nairaland.com, lagosbusinesses.blogspot.com, Nigeriagalleria.com and some social media communities on facebook and linkedly are also viable alternatives. So which ever you pick there is variety to suit your needs.