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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lagos Nigeria Business Directory

By Onwueme Paul

If you are looking for a business in Lagos Nigeria or want find businesses to contact, your start would ideally be with a business directory. There are a few options open to you such as Nigeria yellow pages, Nigeri-galleria.com and lagos-galleria.com.

But these options are not enough. There are still several businesses that cannot be located even on the internet or the yellow pages but which are very much alive and kicking. How will one find such businesses?
There is the Lagos Chamber of commerce which has a list or registered businesses and companies doing business in Lagos Nigeria. One could also reach such businesses at trade fairs, conferences, business expos and other avenues for businesses to network.

However from all that has been said so far, the most convenient and easily the cheapest way to find and reach businesses in Lagos Nigeria is to go through Nigeria-galleria.com. This website has a large depository of easily accessible businesses with their contact information on an open website.
Do you have any other ideas relating to Lagos Business Directory? Let’s hear from you in the comment’s section.

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