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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Benefits of SMS marketing in Nigeria

These days businesses in Nigeria are going mobile doing a lot of stuff on the move, like transacting business with clients and customers on phone or via email or even by their websites. One unique feature of doing mobile business in Nigeria as a whole is marketing goods and services by Short Message Service or SMS as it is commonly called which is becoming increasingly popular.

SMS marketing has many benefits and that explains why many people pursue it. Take for instance businesses that sell products to a diverse market such as GSM companies can bridge the gap between people spread across the country. Even government these days uses SMS marketing to achieve various goals. About the time of the general elections I remember receiving a voice message from Mr. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan asking me to support his candidacy by voting for him. Churches and religious institutions are not left out of it as they can also send messages to their devotees and faithful. NGOs can spread messages to the general public and also receive feedback in the process.

Benefits of marketing with SMS

Why should anyone consider marketing goods and services or passing messages, making announcements or using SMS as a way of reaching out to people?

1. Reaches a large audience fast

One good reason is that SMS can reach a large audience very fast and in a way that is not so inconvenient. For instance with radio and television if I want to reach a large number of people with an announcement I would first have to approach the TV station or Radio station and make payment for my advert which is not immediate and has to be fixed for a particular day and slot. Of course I will have to pay attention to radio or TV station to make sure my advert was actually aired and all that. But with push button technology I can reach many people almost immediately without having to put up with waiting for days for me to reach my audience.

2. Cheap and low cost advertisement

SMS marketing also provides a cheap means of advertising. You don’t need to spend much to reach let’s say 10,000 people unlike other conventional media.

3. More targeted reach

With SMS marketing it is easier to reach a particular niche and at almost no cost thereby making your marketing approach cost effective some other media.

4. Messages stay longer

If I heard an advert on radio and wasn’t paying full attention, chances are that I would miss the message and therefore would have to ask others if they heard or know the contents of the message. With SMS marketing that is almost impossible. The message stays on your phone or the web depending on your arrangement with the service provider and you can read it whenever you like.

5. Programmable Database

I can easily adjust my customer list and database by merely adding or removing inactive or non-functional contacts. Also with my analysis of my customer list I can know who are my hot prospects and consequently delete the wrong contacts from my lists.