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Thursday, August 18, 2011

List of Job search Websites in Nigeria

Here is a list of job search websites in Nigeria that I consider quite reliable for pointing job seekers to the latest job vacancies in Nigeria.

1. Getnaijajobs.com

This website which is more of a forum where job seekers, applicants and recruiters meet to discuss job related issues or post announcements is a very unique source of latest job vacancies in Nigeria. Although the website in question is not as popular as naijahotjobs or nairalist, it is a useful source of latest job information and a place to network.

2. Naijahotjobs.com

Naijahotjobs.com is the most popular job search website in Nigeria. It is so popular that majority of Nigerian job seekers know about this website. It too has a forum where members such as job seekers and recruiters meet to share information. Also there are dedicated threads made to popular posts and other announcements that advise or warn as the case may be job seekers especially against job scammers who prowl the forum often.

3. Careersnigeria.com

This is another interesting job search website that works well for the Nigerian Job seeker. It offers applicants the choice of uploading their CVs online for employers to scrutinize and even divides vacancies into segments i.e by industry or location. It has recently become a recruiter working on behalf of companies to screen applicants for interviews.

4. Nairalist.com

This website modeled after craigslist has various sections but one of the most active sections is the jobs section under Lagos state. Nairalist is a very popular job search website for Job seekers in Lagos Nigeria but usually the positions are unclassified or general interest jobs.

5. Nairaland.com

Nairaland is Nigeria’s most popular website with over 700,000 registered members. It has a jobs section where job vacancies are posted often and also a place where people can talk about issues affecting the Nigerian Job market.

6. Jetheights.com

This website does a traditional job vacancy listing. Simple website to access and navigate through

7. Jobberman.com

This website is a very big ‘job search’ website that has carved a professional niche for itself, dealing with top notch businesses and employers seeking the most skillful hands in the industry

8. Jobs-in-nigeria.net

This website although it has not been updated for sometime is a useful website for people looking for good advice on how to apply to a position, prepare ones CV and even information on how to set up a small business if you want to be self-employed.

9. Nigeriagalleria.com

This website is originally a web directory of businesses in Nigeria but has also developed a job zone where the latest job vacancies, are posted within 2 weeks. There is also the option of posting one’s CV online for employers to scrutinize.

10. Ngcareers.com

Latest Job Vacancies in Nigeria by a very seasoned team of job search experts. Nice website if you ask me to find plum jobs and serious employers.