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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Simple ways to make money in Nigeria

How easy is it to make money in Nigeria? For many unemployed youths it is as easy as solving the most complex mathematical problems. But only if you lack the entrepreneurial spirit, why do I say so? Take the example of 4 unemployed graduates in Nigeria who are making money today doing very simple things.

1. Tutorial center

Our first example is a young millionaire tutorial center owner. While serving in Kogi state, he discovered he had a gift for teaching, seeing that many people cannot pass UTME examinations because of poor preparation, Obi a graduate of Sociology from one of the state universities in eastern Nigeria now runs a pre-UTME examination preparation center or as it is commonly called tutorial center in Lagos. According to him, “I handle government, economics and sometimes commerce, while my employees handle other subject areas”. How much does he make every month? “Not less than N 250,000 most of my students are willing to pay the fees which I charge them, and my low over heads means plenty of profit”. On whether he will take up a job if he is offered any he replies, “not on my life, how much will they pay me? Moreover I have more freedom working for myself”.

2. Online courses

Is it possible to make money in Nigeria by merely running an online course in project management? “Certainly” as Abigail, an MBA holder and a graduate of UNIPORT puts it in a light hearted conversation over the plight of many unemployed Nigerian graduates. She is of the opinion that jobs are too scarce to waste time pursuing. “Even with my master degree and professional certifications I still found it difficult to land a job, because the job market is highly competitive. Nigerian graduates should look inwards for their jobs because there aren’t any jobs out there”. Her online courses are sold via e-mail to clients all over the world. All she does is to market the training via internet marketing techniques from where she refers them to a website that markets her service. She wouldn’t mention how much she makes but for someone who travels twice a year to the United States on vacation using money from her online courses, I can imagine that her income runs into millions a year.

3. Teaching language skills

Ngozi is a French language graduate, who like many of her fellow French graduates found it had to land a job. Instead of pursuing non-existent jobs or settling for less she decided to become a language teacher. She teaches French to people who want to learn and charges N 1000 per hour minimum per client. “French is not so difficult to learn if you are committed, 2 hours a day of practice for 100 days can make you a good speaker” She has clients who pay for courses weeks ahead meaning she can have plenty of cash at hand to chase other businesses. At least she earns more money than some of her colleagues who work in banks. She has her own car and lives in a 3 bedroom flat and travelled last year to France on vacation.

4. Online Job Update service

What about making money online from Google’s adsense program? Besides me writing this article you should have heard of Ken (not real name) who runs a popular job listing website realnigerianjobs.com, according to him (from one of his sales letters) he makes over N200,000 a month running a job listing website. How much did it cost him to start? A paltry few thousand naira to pay for web hosting service and just a few hours a day for 7 months to build sufficient traffic to his blog.

All the above cited examples are proof that unemployment has its good sides as well. If you can’t get someone to give you a job, look inwards and search for a job or better still create a business and employ people instead.
Good luck all.