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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Car Wash Service as Profitable Business idea

Have you ever considered that a car wash service may be a profitable business idea? Well ask a few who are smiling to the bank, car wash service can be a very lucrative business venture. In Abuja for instance, it is not unusual to find car wash services that generate more than N 10,000 daily. For as little as N 200 (depending on location and type of vehicle) per vehicle there is so much opportunity to make money.
There is really no entry barrier to this business and a few unemployed graduates are already doing something useful with themselves by running car wash businesses. It is a simple business to start and requires minimum capital.
Anyone with a car is a potential customer. Most car owners may not actually want to patronize car wash service probably because they have children or relations who may be willing to do it for them for free but some others would rather not for other reasons. Maybe they live alone and don’t like washing their cars or don’t have the time to do so they therefore rely on car wash services to do justice to their cars.
Ideal locations
A car wash service is best suited in locations where there are many cars such as in large estates with many car owners as residents, on busy roads or close to filling stations. Sometimes a place close to an auto mechanic or car dealer is not a bad idea either. Just keep in mind that you will need to be close to busy spots where car owners often times have to park or drop their cars from time to time.
Getting people to trust you to leave their cars in your custody may be a challenge at the beginning. But that doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance. With time as you gain regular customers and build credibility that challenge will be overcome. There is also the problem of environmental inspectors charging out on you for using a spot that may be termed ‘not suitable’.  You also need to be on the lookout for touts.
Start up Information
If you are diligent and have washed cars before, then you are good to go. However, you still need to have some resources to enable you function effectively such as simple cleaning tools (brushes, rags, sponges, wipers etc), car liquid soaps, buckets and water. All these shouldn’t cost more than N 5000 to purchase. But as time goes by and you begin to expand your operations, you may consider using more advanced cleaning devices such as automatic sprayers, pumps, steam wash and so on.
Profit Potential
The profit potential is very encouraging. With as little as N 5000 invested, daily sales could be in the region of N 5000 at a going rate of N 500 that means 10 cars a day or if say N 250, then 20 cars a day. You could recover your initial investment within 1 or 2 days or at most a week. From then on you are in profit.
Other Incentives
Car wash service can be combined with other related businesses such as selling car accessories e.g car locks, seat belts, car seat covers, steering covers, wipers, car wash detergents and so on.
Very easy and straight forward business that just requires a little patience and devotion, it is also very profitable on the long run.

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