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Monday, September 5, 2011

How to start a Job Search agency in Nigeria

The job market in Nigeria is in need of many recruitment agencies that can provide useful services to employers and applicants alike. So many people are unemployed and they are obviously in need of people who can hook them up with job opportunities. Take a good look around and see how often thousands of graduates apply for extremely few jobs with very little prospects of employment. One of the identified reasons for high unemployment in Nigeria can be attributed to the lack of information about existing job openings. This is where recruitment agencies come in handy. They are the ones who bridge the gap between employers and suitable candidates. It is the work of a recruitment agency to ensure that people who are qualified for a job do not remain unemployed for long. That is what this post is about, explaining the steps involved in setting up a recruitment agency in Nigeria.

Interestingly, a recruitment agency is a simple business to start up. Anyone with knowledge of how to meet with and organize skilled workforce can set up something of the kind. The basic requirement could be a means of collecting and receiving candidates’ information or profile; collecting their CVs, signing them up by asking them to fill a form and so on.

What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency or employment agency as it is sometimes called is a business establishment that tries to bridge the gap between skills and jobs. It is a business concern that tries to make it easier for employers to find the right workers for their business and for job seekers to find reliable employers based on their preferred industry and available skills. A recruitment agency isn’t the employer itself, but rather a middle man that takes the requirements of both employers and candidates and merges them to form a synergy that benefits both employer and candidate.


The recruitment agency functions in the following ways;
·         They provide qualified staff to businesses
·         Productivity training for workers
·         They handle the recruitment exercise on behalf of companies
·         They are consultants to employers and HR personnels 

Start up Requirements

·         Registration with corporate affairs commission
·         Registration with Relevant Local Associations
·         Technical know-how of recruitment process
·         Contacts within the industry
·         Reputation
·         Database of Job Seekers

When you have everything in place, what is left is marketing the business. First though you should have a list of ready to be employed candidates before you start approaching companies to notify them of your services. Ideally your marketing efforts should only aim at select few companies and no more based on certain criteria (as a way of delivering quality service) instead of trying to get out to as many businesses as possible.


As with all businesses, there are challenges involved in this business. For instance, trust is an issue that many businesses take seriously. Nobody wants to outsource a recruitment contract to an incompetent agent or to someone who is crooked. Unfortunately there are many quacks masquerading as recruitment agents which makes it very difficult for new entrants to break into the industry. Another challenge is overcoming the problem of administrative cost. With low startup capital, how will you run the marketing effort and other normal expenses when you haven’t gotten any jobs yet? Overcoming these challenges however opens doors and after sometime the work becomes easier. Another problem is with guaranteeing the integrity of candidates. What if they are employed today and tomorrow abscond with their employer’s money, who should be held responsible? This is why getting the candidates to fill a guarantor’s form is necessary although this doesn’t mean that trouble may not brew in future.


·         Do not exploit job seekers for small profit

Many lousy recruiters are in the habit of charging applicants all manner of unnecessary fees and even trying to still profit from the salary of the employed candidates. That is inhuman and will have adverse effects later on the recruitment agency

·         Trying to play smart will eventually backfire

Trying to play smart with job scams is very dangerous. Collecting money from candidates and promising them jobs when there aren’t any will not only lead to loss of credibility but also possible arrest by security agencies or worse facing reprisal actions from people that may have been offended by the scams.
Finally the best way to succeed in this business is to stay focused and pursue every opportunity one at a time.