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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Top Business Ideas for High School and College Students

What are some of the best business ideas that students working at home or wherever may be school - for those in college – can pursue and do without much stress to them or their studies? Personally I would recommend a business idea that rhymes perfectly well with their hobbies or is in line with their studies. For instance an accounting student who loves to write can make money from a freelancing business. On the other hand he can pursue a business like selling accounting software or holding accounting or book keeping classes for small businesses that would need them. Another suggestion would be for them to pick a sustainable business that is easy to set up and costs little to set up or maintain but which has potential. In that case the following business ideas are suitable for students and I consider them to be the top business ideas for students.
1.       Posting You Tube Videos
Easily one of the fun filled and easiest ways to make money, posting videos on You Tube is a very rewarding experience well at least for those that have been successful with it. With a camcorder or digital camera or mobile phone, there is no limit to making amateur videos which can be posted on YouTube. You Tube has a partnership program enables people to make money from their uploaded videos through contextual advertising.
2.       Blogging
Blogging is becoming an increasingly popular way by which people especially students can make money online. In this era of facebook, twitter and other social networking online communities that offer users a WYSIWYG platform, you can make money blogging about your favorite topic. There are so many topics to start with that just picking one to write about is a sure way to earning passive income for yourself as a student.
3.       Selling electronic Hand-outs
You can carry out an extensive research into a very difficult academic subject or topic and then compile your handout into an easy to read and understand report or manual sell it to fellow students. This can be done online or in offline as well. Imagine if you can sell 1000 globally handouts on may be C++ programming guide to fellow students who want to learn it via a website or blog within a year, you can make some cool money for yourself as well. Of course if you so wish the hand-outs don’t have to be in electronic formats only.
4.       Driving Lessons
Do you have a car and don’t know what to do with it? I’ll suggest you teach others who don’t know how to drive for a small fee, less than what they would pay if they attend driving lessons from an accredited driving school. How do you get your customers? By simply placing classified adverts in local newspapers or even online.
5.       Teaching fellow Students
You can also hold private lessons why you teach fellow students in school. If you are an accounting major and have sound knowledge of accounting, then why not teach others who don’t? Making money this way is really cool and easy and it also falls with your academic pursuits. You don’t get distracted while you make money since what you are doing falls naturally with your studies.
6.       Ebay Auctions
You could also do what some people do on ebay. They look for products to buy directly from wholesalers and resell these same items for a profit. What I mean is, as you browse through ebay, find an item you believe is very cheap, buy it then at a later date try and resell it for a slightly higher amount than you bought it. This especially tends to happen with second hand goods especially electronics and computers.
7.       Affiliate Marketing
This is the process of selling another person’s product by promoting it with articles either on your own blog or website or on an articles website. Affiliate marketing just involves talking about the benefits of a product and its relative competitive value over substitutes. The idea is to give a detailed presentation of the product in order to convince readers to buy it. You the person promoting it makes money from commissions you earn on every successful lead you convert. Many businesses have affiliate programs such as; Amazon, ebay, Google, Alexa and a host of others.
8.       Write Product Reviews
This is similar affiliate marketing except that with writing product reviews, you are not necessarily trying to sell a product, what you are merely doing is providing a guide to assist buyers in making the right decision for whatever product you are reviewing. For instance the popular website www.carbuyingtips.com is a review website. They don’t promote any particular vehicles but merely inform buyers about the various options available to them. They then monetize their website using Adsense and sometimes sell advertising space to car dealers.
9.       Freelance writing
Freelance writing also offers students a way to make money. Some websites are wholly devoted to the idea of encouraging writers to sign up with them and post as many articles as possible. Such websites are called article revenue sharing websites and they include; www.hubpages.com, www.squidoo.com, www.suite101.com and even Google Knol. Every member is his own editor and publisher so you earn ‘royalties’ in the form of residual income from adsense on your articles over time. Another method of freelancing involves writing on a contractual basis for freelance websites such as; www.elance.com, www.odesk.com and www.guru.com. After signing up with them, you can then bid for contracts and if successful get paid a fee for every completed project.
10.   Arts and Crafts business
This is especially for people who are talented in arts and crafts business. Imagine if you can sell your paintings, sculpted works, drawings, poems, even handmade toys. What about doing tattoos, graffiti or writing inspiring love quotes or messages. Some people are good at designing greeting cards, while some can do other forms of graphical designs. The list is endless.