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Friday, November 11, 2011

Best 5 Business Opportunities in Washing and Cleaning Services in Nigeria

There are several ways to make money in Nigeria one of which is in the aspect of washing and cleaning. Many Nigerians need to have washing and cleaning services for various purposes such as laundry, cars, stained apparel, rugs, walls and so on.

The premise of this business

This business works on the condition that there are people who desire to have clean homes, surroundings, cars, clothes and so on but do not have the time or are not able to do them for various reasons. For instance business executives, busy career women and so on all have so much work on their hand that there is very little time for them to attend to such domestic needs. As a result one can start a business in this area specializing in doing a particular service for instance washing cars or removing stubborn stains or dry cleaning.

1.       Dry Cleaning Services in Nigeria

Dry cleaning business thrives in high brow and middle class residential areas. Places with a large concentration of residents who include; expatriate professionals, high net worth individuals, ambassadors, business executives and so on are the main people who patronize dry cleaners. Also tourists and people lodging in hotels are among those who patronize dry cleaning services. The key thing to succeed in this business is to provide excellent customer service in addition to being professional and efficient in service delivery.

2.       Home and Office Cleaning Services

Many homes in high brow areas need special/professional cleaning services for them to stay sparkling clean and retain some of their opulence. If you check around many rich neighbourhoods, there are places that really need a facelift and trust the rich to always want to stand out, they wouldn’t mind paying anyone who can provide that extra touch that will give them some excellent recognition from their friends and associates.

3.       Stain removal business

Ever wondered what people do with some of their fancy clothes that have been stained? What about neat walls with ugly stains on them or rugs and even furniture? Specializing in stain removal is a good business to pursue especially if you have the expertise, equipment and tools. 

4.       Laundromats

A do it yourself ‘dry cleaning’ service in which you visit a dry cleaning shop, you are allowed to use the various washing machines yourself, wash your clothes and dry them only thing is you pay a fee for the service.

5.       Car and vehicle washing service

There are many vehicles plying many dusty roads in Nigeria especially in the northern part of the country. That means there will always be people with dirty and dusty cars to wash and not all of them have families, many of them are unmarried and live alone, they are also very busy people so what do they do? They get others to wash their cars for them and pay for those services. Opening a car wash service in places like Abuja, Lagos and Kano isn’t a bad idea because these places have large populations, dusty roads and ideal markets for it.