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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Business ideas for Nigerian job seekers and Students

This post is going to be like no other why? Simply because it is direct and to the point with a list of business ideas that can make a world of difference for job seekers who are complaining of lacking capital or need ideas on what to do to make money. So here goes my list and classification of business ideas.
What are the criteria by which Nigerian job seekers can find and select business ideas?

1.       A business that can be started at home

a)      Sewing
b)      Repairing computers
c)       Web design
d)      Freelance writing
e)      Job search Expert
f)       Making drinks
g)      Hair and beauty saloon
h)      Make up artistry
i)        Tutoring
j)        Selling groceries
k)      Selling honey
l)        Redistributing DVDs
m)    Blogging
n)      Repairing handsets
o)      Printing
p)      Arts and designs
q)      Reselling processed drinks
r)       Movie rentals
s)       Preparing lecture notes for colleges and institutions
t)       Outdoor catering

2.       With minimal capital
a)      Running an academy in schools
b)      A blogging service
c)       An online web
d)      Cooking for others
e)      Catering
f)       Organizing essay competitions
g)      Organizing events
h)      Planning weddings
i)        Drinks

3.       Could be based on some of their skills, talents
Some of us are naturally gifted and may have skills which have developed after many years of practicing some of our so called natural talents. Here I am talking about
a)      Book keeping
b)      Painting
c)       Marketing
d)      Writing
e)      Research and Analysis
f)       Furniture making
g)      Skills training and acquisitions
h)      Filming and video making
i)        Hat making
j)        Bead Making
k)      Sewing Sweaters

4.       Hobbies and interests may become sources of business ideas

Here the emphasis could be on teaching something you enjoy doing during your leisure time. Usually such things must have a productive and useful end to it. For instance exercise can help people relax, reduce weight, help build healthier muscles, improve blood circulation and is a way to reduce stress. One could therefore set up an exercise instruction class. Likewise dance is another hobby that can be converted to money.
a)      Teaching Chess or dance is schools
b)      Exercise Instructor
c)       Dance Instructor
d)      Voice Trainer

5.       Research and personal studies into special businesses especially case studies
a)      Recruitment services
b)      Travel and tour company
c)       Sports marketing
d)      Printing and Designs
e)      Making fruit drinks
f)       Bag making
g)      Children’s Story book publishing
h)      Car dealership