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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Business ideas in fruits business (Processing and selling fruits)

Do you know you can make a lot of money from fruits? Those abundantly occurring wonders of nature that have many uses to man. Fruits are useful to us in many ways and serve as food, medicines, raw material to industry and source of ingredients in making certain recipes and so on. Wherever we find ourselves there will always be the need for fruits to fulfill our many needs

Potential markets

The market for fruits business is huge and can include Schools, restaurants, hotels, factories that make processed foods, individuals and so on.

Business ventures related to fruit selling
      Fruits selling on stands

Selling fruits in their natural unprocessed forms is a venture on its own although depending on where you live this may not be a lucrative venture. For instance in a rural environment where there is plenty of natural vegetation this business could suffer a setback but not so in the cities. Selling fruits in middleclass neighborhoods is a good idea because patronage in these areas tends to be consistent both in and out of season in a manner of speaking.

2.       Processing juices

Sometimes processing fruit juices can also be a viable business option. Some people are only interested in the fruit juices and don’t want to go through the problem of sucking out the raw juices themselves so the option of helping them out by providing fresh fruit juices is a business idea that can be explored. Here though one might need to have the right tools for the trade.
      Selling fruits as raw materials

Fruits can be also a source of raw materials to industries like pharmaceutical companies, soap making companies, fruit juice making companies, soft drink companies even sometimes bakeries. One could become a supplier of fruits to this market and make some really cool money in the process.
           Fruits Gardening

A budding entrepreneur with space to spare can set up a fruits and vegetable garden and sell the produce to neighbors, stores or other small scale neighborhood stores or schools. This business which is also a source of recreation can be a part time thing only taking up
           Fruit meals

If you are a good caterer or nutritionist how about packaging fruit salads for sale to pupils in schools, workers or at restaurants?
            Providing other fruit extracts to customers

Some fruit extracts such as the pills, leaves and barks can be processed to produce herbs and medicines. Several herbal homes

Start up Summary

This business is a very easy, straight forward and easy to set up venture which can be started from home and be run in a part time basis. There are many opportunities to start and grow this business into a lucrative venture however doing a little bit of market research is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to go into such a business. Startup capital can be as little as N15,000 or less than $100 for a small fruit stand or much more for a larger fruit stand.