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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Business Ideas in Online Courses and e-Classes

There is a growing market of people who desire to receive online classes for various purposes. For instance one may want to study for a Masters Degree course abroad but may not be willing to quit his present job and so has to settle for an online degree Masters Degree course in a foreign university or an online university with an affiliation to a major university abroad.

A venture into online courses could include the following classes of business

1.       University and Degree courses
2.       Classes for hobbies
3.       Martial Arts
4.       Language courses
5.       Teaching School subjects
6.       Crash courses


Since there are people who due to want of time or inadequate resources wish to learn a skill or acquire a degree by online classes the market for this kind of business therefore is for people who want to study courses online on a part time basis. Therefore most of your clients are people who are usually very busy or too far from you to be able to learn what they wish to learn.

University degrees are the most common kind of online courses and classes in these field can be done in various ways such as by video, email or by a web portal wherein registered users can access study materials.


The main one is stiff competition from other online e-courses providers. Finance is another challenge that could pose real problems for newbies in this line of business but with time as the business starts taking shape this will become less of a problem. Technology is constantly evolving and the use of better user experience through improved interactive user interface can be a big plus but it does not necessarily pose a challenge because some courses are email based courses.

Startup Summary

Depending on what kind of business you are into there are a number of requirements for setting up shop. For instance let’s say I want to run an online course in French language, I may have to create an interactive user interface with option of video streaming for my online classes or may be prepare a video of all my classes for the course and market them online. On the other hand I could make my course an email based course and charge my customers a fee for the service. Sometimes an e-course can be in the form of ebooks in which case users simply buy an ebook to learn whatever they wish to learn.