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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lucrative Small Business Ideas to start in Nigeria with N10000 or less

Many times I have seen this question being asked - what kind of business can I start with N10,000 or less and they keep coming again and again especially on nairaland so this is my own contribution, I hope people who have little capital and are wondering what to do with it especially students here are a few ideas that may help out.

1.       Selling slippers and other fashionable footware

If you are wondering what am talking about here then wonder no more. Females especially love to buy slippers and other fashionable footware, if you are a female student why not sell these items to your fellow girls in the hostel. Where to source them? Go to the big markets places like Idumota, Balogun, Apongbo and so on to buy really cheap slippers that can last then resell them for a profit. Other footwares like sandals can also be bought and resold this way.

2.       Selling Snacks and light drinks

Snacks are everyone’s in between meals they come in handy at the office, in school, on special occasions such as parties, meetings, conferences, seminars and so on. Soft drinks usually accompany them as well just think of selling gala, egg rolls, sausage rolls, donuts and other tasty light snacks especially cakes. These can be sold in schools and in busy places such as bus stops and commercial areas along with lac casera, viju milk, mineral drinks, yoghurt and so on.

3.       Ties, belts and second hand shoes

Most men working in corporate organizations have the need to put on ties from time to time and not all of them can afford to buy new and expensive shoes so why not look for clean, quality ties and second hand shoes to sell to them? 

4.       Novels and Newspapers

With a small table you can start selling novels and newspapers in places with many people trooping up and down. Newspapers may not sell fast but novels do especially with female folks the unmarried, unemployed spinsters and female students. They form the bulk of customers.

5.       GSM Accessories

Chargers, batteries, lcds, casings and so on are always in demand. People need to replace their gsm accessories from time to time.

6.       Recharge cards

Sell recharge cards, the lower denominations to friends, colleagues and family and make some small cash for yourself, it doesn’t cost anything to start at least with N10,000 or even much less you can start selling N100, N200 and maybe N400 naira denominations depending on which one is in greater demand. Recharge cards also have an alternative in VTU

These are some ideas to help out there may still be others if you have any please share it with us.