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Monday, November 21, 2011

House Alarm and Security Systems as money spinners

We live in a crime infested world whether we like it or not. Criminals abound everywhere to steal our valuables be they jewellery, cash, documents or other valuables that are too precious to us. Criminals on their own part don’t care who suffers or how important those valuables are just as long as they can sell them off and make easy money for themselves. Well where does that live wealthy people or people with valuables they would want to keep safely?

The obvious solution is to sell them security systems and safes that will keep burglars away or at least protect their property in the event that burglars break in and that is where the money is. In places where there are high incidence of burglary and armed robbery guess what can turn out a lot of cash for business men with a sharp acumen for opportunities? Safes and security systems of course since they would be in demand.

Everybody needs to protect their properties against intruders and burglars, offices, homes even churches, banks, hotels and schools. Think of it where else are these things needed apart from the ones I have mentioned? Government offices and NGOs also need them.

The advantage these systems have over dogs and ordinary security guards is that they can be placed in unnoticeable spots and are no respecters of persons. They don’t get tired and can’t be bribed or put to sleep with tranquilizers and once they go off they alert the police and other security agents.

Security systems could include; Alarms within a fenced area such as a compound that trip-off when someone enters a compound illegally through the fence, over the gate and so on or they could be door and keys or other locks systems, that give off a siren-like sound waking the neighbourhood to the presence of intruders, motion sensors and so on.

Anti-burglary systems also fall under security systems but could also be in their own class for instance motion sensors, laser beaming alarm sensors, wall safes, floor safes, safe boxes even bullet proof steel coated doors and so on.

Not forgetting CCTV systems and other digital recording systems that give round the clock data of movements in and around a house.

In Nigeria of all places the rich are in need of these devices to offer them some measure of security but even at that the challenge remains how to supply these products at reasonable prices and still turn out a profit. But overall it still remains a viable business with endless opportunities. Every serious businessman should give it a thought.