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Sunday, January 8, 2012

6 Effective Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

There are a few marketing tips that could be useful to small businesses and here are a few. 

1.       Use a blog and Social Media to meet new clients

Blogs are fast becoming a powerful PR and marketing tool for many small businesses that require online presence. The use of social media offers small business owners the opportunity to interact with their clients and get useful insights into trends as they occur.

2.       SEO Branding

A brand is a business name as well as the reputation it carries with it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – the use of techniques that make it easier for search engine users to find useful information contained in webpages. SEO branding is simply using techniques that will cause a business to carve a niche within a market and get search engines to recognize your blog or website as being an authority within that niche. With SEO branding you are making a strong online impact for your business.

3.       Excellent Customer Relations

Some businesses thrive on word of mouth mostly and do little or no advertising. Businesses that are of this kind are usually repeat businesses and are service based. For instance, hair and beauty salons, retail stores and so on. To get repeat business excellent customer relations is central and even more crucial is that many new customers are often times referrals from old and loyal customers. This is a marketing tool by itself.

4.       Product Labeling

If you happen to be a retailer do this smart thing – assuming you sell expensive items or once in a while kind of items e.g fridges or laptops simply label your products with a sticker or stamp as a way reminding your customer about you and also informing others about your services who may come in contact with your sold item whether the item is in an office or in a home.

5.       Always say Thank You

According to a study done some years back, saying thank you to customers who purchased items from a store made them come back and also led to an average increase in purchases of 70% of items bought the previous time. An appreciated customer loves to appreciate in return and would do this by coming back and buying even more.

6.       Reward loyal customers

Encourage loyal customers by giving them something in return. Set up a loyalty reward scheme to pay back customers who have bought something from you by either offering them special discounts, presenting them gifts or holding an entertaining get together for them. You know just do something that makes them glad that they bought something from you.

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