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Monday, January 16, 2012

Best Home business Ideas for 2012

Home business ideas are good for startup entrepreneurs and stay at home mums who are looking for businesses they wish to pursue. In 2012, more and more people are likely to take to home businesses as unemployed people also join the bandwagon of home business owners. There are many potential business ideas for 2012 but a few stand out based on how much income they can generate and what it costs to start and run these businesses.

1.       Freelance writing

For talented writers, freelance writing offers great money making opportunities. Some freelance writers make as much as $10,000 a month and the wonderful thing about freelance writing is that it costs almost nothing to start and there is little overhead costs involved. Surely this is among the best home business ideas for anyone with good writing skills.

2.       Blogging

Blogging is similar to freelance writing in terms of cost of setting and running one except that it can generate much more income overtime. Also making money from blogging is time consuming at the onset and requires a lot of monitoring and commitment, it is also highly competitive but gradually becomes very profitable with time. Some bloggers make as much as $100,000 a month but it is no mean feat to accomplish.

3.       Developing Apps

For programmers and computer software developers there are countless opportunities to develop applications for various online needs. People develop game apps, e-commerce apps and even apps for entertainment (music and movies) and so on. App makers among a new generation of internet millionaires emerging in the 21st century with some of them, making well over a million dollars a year.

4.       SEO consultancy

There are many businesses that are taking to marketing their businesses online. Many businesses now have facebook and twitter accounts. Some have blogs while others are taking to paying for high ranking keywords to make their online presence ever stronger. This has offered experienced bloggers and opportunity to run SEO consultancy businesses and offer clients an opportunity to make money. Some SEO experts make thousands of dollars a month from their business.

5.       Social Media Management

Social media is fast becoming an internet standard for many. People and businesses have an online presence and it is becoming a way of life. Unlike SEO that is simply targeted at websites and blogs, social media management can be useful in brand management. For experienced marketers, Social Media Marketing can be used to build the reputation of businesses online and get paid for doing so. On facebook, twitter, digg and other social bookmarking sites, SMM can be effectively used to make a living online. Some SMM experts are employed directly to work for businesses as employees while others work as contractors from home.

6.       Toy making and Selling

Some stay at home mums are converting handcrafts into money making ventures – making toys, dolls and what have you can be very lucrative. Making money from selling toys for those who can’t make the toys is also possible. It is possible to make $3,000 or more a month from this venture.

7.       Affiliate Marketing

Making money from affiliate marketing is a very popular way for many. Bloggers, freelance writers and SEO consultancy can be combined with this venture. From affiliate marketing tips for small businesses one can make money on a residual basis just like making money from your pensions.

8.       Selling Items on ebay

Ebay is a vast market place and many people are making money from it selling great stuff - unique and cheap items. Another popular market place is amazon which is like ebay except that ebay is stronger with auctions. Some folks claim to make $5,000 a month from ebay alone and their claims seem credible because ebay is a multi-billion dollar company.

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