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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Internet Marketing Money Making ideas and Opportunities

Internet marketing is the most effective way to make money online especially if you have little or no money. This brings up the question: are there ways of making money online with internet marketing? If yes what are specific examples of this trade?

Let’s start our search for money making ideas and opportunities in internet marketing with a list of small business ideas relating to internet marketing below but before going into them let me say for people who don’t know, internet marketing is actually a real job, it needs time to function and it takes time to achieve desirable results, it isn’t a get rich quick thing but it can be highly rewarding on the long run.

1.       Leads generation for companies

This idea is simply connected to the generating a stream of potential customers for companies that do business online. Many businesses find their customers online e.g hotels, airlines, car rental companies and realtors. By providing an online lead generation service, internet marketers can make money from commissions as agents or get paid a certain fee for bringing in a particular number of customers for businesses. Imagine a situation in which a hotel has a website with very little traffic being generated, if I happen to offer a lead generation service then I could do one of two things; provide a link on my high traffic travel website that points to that hotel’s website and get paid a fee for that or recommend a service or product that the hotel provides and get paid a commission whenever a client/customer makes a purchase on that website through my link.

2.       Affiliate Marketing

Alternatively I might also do affiliate marketing, in which case my efforts will be in helping online businesses sell their products or getting paid by getting prospects to do something that the merchants would like – this is called CPA or Cost Per Action. In affiliate marketing there are a number of options open to serious business men and women who want to make a career from it. One is to set up a blog or website designed to attract a specific audience and then recommend a product that is related to what that audience is looking for. For example, let’s say I have a blog about fashion tips then it will make sense for me to recommend a product like designer lip sticks from an online merchant who sells them to my readers. Whenever a purchase is made by any of my readers from a link on blog pointing to the merchant website, I get paid a commission.

3.       Selling highly Targeted Traffic building Service to Companies

Highly targeted web traffic, the kind that comes from search engines is everybody’s desire. Businesses that sell stuff online know that without it they can’t make money so businesses that do sell online are willing to pay to attract highly targeted web traffic. Some people make a full time income selling traffic to online merchants from their blogs and websites because they know it is an alternative to online advertising. How does google make its money? Obviously from the same model so it is possible to make money this way however how much you charge your clients depends on the quality and volume of traffic you send them from your website or through your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

4.       Page rank building Service

Some individuals and businesses own blogs or websites they want to rank high in search engines. In order to do this effectively they need to build their blog or websites page rank, this is a service that is usually contracted to SEO experts and some people are making a nice living off this.
These few ideas are some ways by which people can make money from internet marketing and there are other opportunities as well. So what do you think?

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