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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top 5 Small Home Business Ideas that require little start-up capital

For people who are looking to start small home businesses but don’t have ideas of their own may want to consider the following small businesses.

1.       Blogging

This is for people who don’t mind setting up a passive stream of income. There are two popular ways to make money from blogging namely; Pay per Click or PPC and Cost per Action or CPA although besides these methods people also make money by selling products through their blogs and sometimes by asking for donations. But let’s face reality for most bloggers money comes from advertising either by selling advertising space or displaying third party advertising such as with PPC and CPA. With PPC, you make money whenever someone clicks on displayed advertising where as with CPA you get paid only when a certain action such as referring someone who signs up for a service or purchases an item from a certain website and so on. As a blogger you are self employed working from home is possible and as a small business owner this can be really interesting as well as challenging.

2.       Software design

For people with interest in ICT, software design is a good part time home based small business. There are many opportunities to create various software especially applications or apps as they are known particularly in this time of the internet revolution. These businesses are easy to set up, cost almost nothing in terms of overheads and are very profitable.

3.       Freelance writing

Many talented writers are also freelance writers earning a part time income writing articles online for various clients. It is a business that has little entry barrier but almost endless potentials for income. Some people like teenage freelance writer/blogger Onibalusi of youngprepro.com makes thousands of dollars per month from freelance writing.

4.       Affiliate Marketing

Lisa Irby is a successful small home based business woman working as an affiliate marketer. She has since quit her job and makes a lot of money working from home as an affiliate marketer promoting products like SBI websites, domain names and web hosting service among others. 

5.       Ebay Trading

Some people do ebay trading selling stuff from home. Some are into drop shipping merely acting as middlemen not actually buying anything but referring shoppers to sellers. You can learn more about ebay business