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Monday, February 27, 2012

3 Profitable Small Business Ideas that need little or no money to start

I have often wondered what one has to do to make some cool cash these days without really having so much stress with regard to making a substantial monetary investment. There are so many businesses to pick from but the challenge still remains which ones make the most money and require little capital to start.

First I will recommend being a freelance sales agent for reputable car companies for a start. No business will turn down any enthusiastic person who wants to bring more customers for them. Imagine if I have great selling skills and I’m able to convince many people to buy cars from a particular dealer, I wouldn’t have to invest a dime rather all I would be doing is moving round letting people no about a car that is in good condition available for sale. I get my commission for every buyer I introduce to the car dealer that makes a purchase. I could earn as little as 5% on overall sales and that could translate into tens of thousands of naira for me.

Another idea that fits this description would be as an affiliate marketer which is an internet money making idea. This method is similar to the first except that with affiliate marketing I take my business of convincing people to buy a product online rather than offline. I write reviews about a product to give potential buyers an informed opinion about the product in order to convince them to buy the product. For every successful transaction done through me, I get paid a commission as well.

The third small business idea I have in mind is hair dressing and please don’t wonder why I should think about this idea because not only is it not for the ladies, it is also very profitable if well managed. I’ve heard of a guy who makes hair, fixes nails and does spa treatment for ladies in Abuja, he came to Abuja in 1995 with nothing, today he lives in his own house and drives flashy cars, the reason he is so rich (for a hairdresser) is because he has become exceptionally good at what he does and managed his business so well that people travel from afar to patronize him. He started with nothing. Another lady in my neighbourhood also recently started hairdressing, she had been looking for a job for 2 years now and so far she is doing okay and isn’t interested in looking for a job again.

These three small business ideas don’t require much money to start but they are profitable so for those without jobs or those working part time, this is a good start for them.