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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Make money selling stuff online in Nigeria

People are making money online in Nigeria and many of them don’t have websites or physical addresses for the various businesses they own or run. It is a myth when people say that making money online in Nigeria is not possible except if you are going into ‘yahoo yahoo’ full time. That is ridiculous considering that besides selling stuff online a number of Nigerians like Seun Osewa of Nairaland have shown that making money online in Nigeria is not a myth. Seun is swimming in money if you understand what I mean but for clarification sake he is making so much that he no longer needs a regular job to survive unlike yours sincerely who is still journeying to the top.

Back to the theme of this post which is how to make money selling stuff online in Nigeria. What are the conditions to be met and items that can be sold to make money online in Nigeria?

First we cannot talk about making money online in Nigeria if it is not possible for customers to pay online or by direct bank deposits except in some exceptional cases where the customer will have to inspect the item before purchase e.g real estate, cars and so on. Where as in another case many people sell stuff online through their retail stores and make some cash in the process by e-tranzact, debit cards or naira master cards.

There are other factors to look at also before considering selling stuff online in Nigeria such as advertising medium. How will customers find you? Some people use SEO techniques to promote their businesses via their websites while others go to facebook and nairaland to do their advertising and marketing. Some people use online deal services such as Google Trader, Dealdey and Dealfish to market their services.

The best items to sell online seem to be mobile phones, laptops, cars and real estate at least these are the things that Nigerians search for online and are willing to pay for hence if you are looking for what to sell online these items are a good starting point.

But despite all what I have mentioned making money online by selling stuff isn’t an easy task because of relatively low internet penetration and problem of trust. Also the lack of an efficient e-payment system and the fact that Nigeria still has infrastructural and technological problems which makes it even harder to sell and make money online but even with that some Nigerians are still making money online.