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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

5 Small Home Business Ideas in Nigeria

For people who have retired from work and are looking for something to do for a living or unemployed people in search of business ideas and opportunities, obviously there are many advantages of having a small home business and here are 5 simple small home business ideas they can pursue in Nigeria to make ends meet.

Selling Recharge Cards

This is probably the most common and preferred business ideas many people can start from home. If you happen to live in a big and busy neighbourhood you could start selling recharge cards for a living from home. Sales margin is low but volume sales is common in this line of business. For every say N10,000 sale you make, your cut may be N500 or N600 depending on the denomination and network. That means if you sell say N30,000 you will be making let’s say N1800 per day.


This is a simple business to handle from home and it is profitable as well since you are most likely to be paid for your time and effort or skill. Just a simple sowing machine and tailoring skills are all you need to start.

Selling Ice blocks and Soft drinks

I know a housewife who makes a living by selling iceblocks and soft drinks to people who go and hawk them. She is making some really nice money from it because she sells from home and does not incur any overhead costs.

Home Made Snacks

How about selling some home made snacks and cookies to supermarkets and small shops in your area. This is just a starting point. You could make as much as N50,000 sometimes even more in a month.

Hair dressing

This is especially possible if you live in an estate where the females dread going to the expensive salon down town.