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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 Small Business Ideas in Nigeria with little Start-up Capital

There are many small businesses one can start in Nigeria for less than N100k and the list can run into hundreds and possibly thousands but for anyone looking to make a start, I will recommend these 5 ideas. They are not too hard to set up and offer some really cool money making opportunities.


While you are not guaranteed millions of naira from blogging in a short time, you can certainly make a lot of money over time usually in small amounts coming every few days, then weeks, then months and so on. Some people make just under a few thousands a month, some tens of thousands a month while others might make hundreds of thousands. It depends on so many factors but the main ones are; niche, amount of traffic and level of competition. But blogging is one business you can start today in Nigeria for less than N100k

Laptop Business

There are many opportunities within this niche for one to make money. You can be involved in buying and selling laptops, accessories, parts or even repairs of laptops.

Travel and Tour services

In big cities all over the world many people travel for leisure and business, but not every one of them has knowledge and information about how to find great travel arrangements that will save them money or time. That leads to an opportunity to be a travel agent, supplying services to potential travelers and making some really cool commission for one self in the process.

Boutique Business

Selling clothes will never die as a business. People who understand the clothing industry and make every effort to bridge the gap between needs and supply in Nigeria are going to make some really cool money for themselves eventually.

Lunch delivery

In big offices and commercial areas people must have lunch during office hours. Not everybody can go to fast foods and most people only go to roadside eateries for lunch for lack of better. Beating the competition to it can really make a difference by providing a middle ground, make your food cheaper than fast foods but of high quality.