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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

5 Home Business Opportunities for Women

I can imagine what it feels like to be a woman looking for ways to make money. Some business ideas are truly an all women’s affair such as the ones I have listed below but dear sister/mother try and understand one thing in as much as you could run these businesses from home you are still expected to put in a lot of seriousness and commitment to them. So while the kids and the man of the house are away to school and work respectively, these ideas might come in handy for you: the wife/mother. Everybody knows that great home businesses are more profitable because they have lesser overhead costs and

Selling cakes and Confectioneries

Home made muffins and cupcakes are a delight to munch over at least I know of some really nice muffins that are not made at a factory, but at home by some really enterprising women. Why should any woman serious about making cool cash from home at her convenient time and who can make really nice cakes and snacks not want to be a part of this? I believe the market is huge and very few people are taking advantage of this opportunity. Good places to sell cakes and confectioneries would include convenience stores, to friends at picnics or other social gatherings or setting up a stand in a crowded neighbourhood.

Hair Dressing

Who said a skilled hair dresser can’t work from home. If she converts a part of her residence into a salon and does a really good job she wouldn’t bother herself with client hunting why? Simply because word of mouth will do the rest for her


In some rural communities some women have sewing machines with which they sew some really nice clothing. I remember reading an article about a housewife who makes a tidy sum of money sewing cardigans which she sells to schools. There is a huge demand for school cardigans and that is just one opportunity from tailoring, others exist as well.


If you are like some successful bloggers such as Linda Ikeji or Lisa Irby you will understand why making money from home with blogging is not only viable but is suitable for women. You know the age old cliché women love to talk and blogging in a way is about talking but this not with spoken words but with written words. Just put words into action with your writing which doesn’t have to be artistic or academic, just simple everyday language about unique ideas and information that people would love to digest. Blogging costs little or nothing to start but it does take time to start yielding fruits so be patient when you start.

Events Planning and Outdoor Catering

You realize that you could make some really cool cash helping people plan their parties, weddings and other celebrations don’t you? Women especially are better organizers than men and as such planning or organizing an event for a host is a thing that shouldn’t be too demanding for a lot of women and I can see that besides the challenge and second nature of events planning there is cool money to be made from this business opportunity.

So for women looking for ways to make money from home I’ll suggest you have a look at this for a start and I wish you good luck while you are at it.


  1. Hey Paul,

    That item about blogging there caught my eye (as did the muffins!)... I'm just reorganizing the way I do things, and focusing on... Blogging.

    Judging by your recent post list in the sidebar, I see that you have a nicely focused target for your blog. How do you DO that? LOL... I meant to have 10 neat, tidy categories and stick to them. Maybe 2 years from now. Today, I'm just talking about too many things.

    I'd like to point out a platform I have taken up to do blogging on. It helps with getting noticed in the search engines, it comes pre-configured (that can short-cut many headaches, much delay and great costs), and it seems to be going gangbusters.

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    Why do both? Well, to be frank - I can only dream of the day I get my blog or a client blog ranked in the top 20,000 web sites globally. This blog platform is already there - waiting for us to take up "residence" on it.

    Greetings from Malaysia!

  2. Thanks Tim for your comment. So glad to have it!