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Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Nigeria

There are at least 47 million unemployed Nigerians who are seriously searching for a means of livelihood but are locked down in an unending spiral of lack of opportunities and unemployment.

The good news is that everyone has ideas in his/her head and we only need ideas to start a profitable small business in Nigeria. For a start here are a few small business ideas to look at if you’re based in Nigeria.

Sale of Honey

There is a trend among Nigerians especially in the middle class bracket to embrace healthy friendly diet. Many of them take to eating out at select restaurants and bar in a bid to avoid taking something that may negatively affect their health. One of such health friendly products that suits almost any budget is honey trading in this commodity would prove to be lucrative considering that the margin is high.

Events Planning and Management

Everywhere you look in big cities in Nigeria there’s one event happening. Many people would love to get married but don’t have the time to plan their weddings, parties and what have you. Who else will they turn to if not event planners and you can guess just how many people we’re talking of here thousands upon thousands of professionals in many of Nigeria’s big cities.

Home Made Cakes and Cookies

It is increasingly becoming a sight to note how well people appreciate specially made cakes, cookies, waffles and pies that regular fast foods don’t supply. When you’ve seen the best of two worlds why settle for less that seems to be the logic behind people who take pride in chasing deliciously made cupcakes, cookies, apple pies and many more tasty pastries.

Cocktails and Smoothies

If you find yourself at an upscale party or event where there are no fizzy drinks being served but smoothies, cocktails, mocktails and chapman then you’ll understand why the world around us is gradually taking form in terms of offering health friendly drinks to guests. It’s hard these days to find parties organized by high net worth individuals overlooking this essential item. This is a business idea you can start with as little as N20,000.

Rare Designer Perfumes

Designer perfumes are in high demand. We Nigerians love to show off and don’t like to be left behind. You’re right to say we’re vain in our thinking because frankly speaking that is just who we are. Perfumes make a strong fashion and status statement that make people feel better about themselves. If you’re in this business then you’re offering confidence as your selling point, tell me who wouldn’t pay to have more of it?