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Monday, January 19, 2015

Top 5 easy and free ways to make money online in Nigeria

According to the National Communications Commission (NCC) at least 47 million Nigerians have access to the internet but judging by websites Nigerians visit the internet is mostly a tool for socializing and reading news online. But quite a few Nigerians have discovered that they could actually use the internet as a money making tool – not referring to the 419/yahoo boys – but enterprising people who realize that they could actually reach an audience online and transact business. However not all legitimate online businesses are free and easy for Nigerians to do that is why I’ve written this article. I want you to know about 5 easy and free ways you can actually make clean/legitimate income online in Nigeria and be able to sleep with your two eyes closed with a good feeling in your heart. Kindly note that I haven’t said you’ll become rich or make a lot of money in a short time but that you’ll make money and be at peace with yourself.

5 Opportunities to make stable income online in Nigeria
Here are the 5 absolutely free opportunities I’ll recommend to you and they have worked for me in the past, so it’s not guess work, this list is made up of ideas that really work;

Article Writing
There are websites where you can actually make good money from writing articles online but I must warn you it isn’t easy initially when trying to break in. However once you scale that hurdle the money will start coming. I for instance was writing on www.freelancer.com for a while and was earning $25 a day although I did more of technical articles. The word length could vary from as little as 500 words to as much as 3,000 words. You can get paid directly into your local bank account or opt for other options.
Tip: Give yourself a little time (3 to 6 months) if you want to succeed in article writing, preferably start a blog to promote your article writing  

Linda Ikeji is living proof that blogging can make you rich here in Nigeria. Her blog; www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com is a totally free blog where she doesn’t even pay for webhosting or domain name and yet she makes over N5 million a month through paid advertising. A blog can also be used to sell your own product or service like this blog you’re reading. I write business plans and people not only contact me to help them write but they also pay me for it and this blog is also totally free but best of all it’s convenient and easy for me to churn out content which I publish on this blog for the world to see. I have also made a lot of contacts as well as a result of blogging.
Tip: Choose a good topic to blog about, this would enable you build an audience that you can now market your service to or attract advertisers who would pay you for adverts

Affiliate Marketing
You can also make easy money online in Nigeria by helping others who have products to sell online to find paying customers and earn a commission in the process. I know someone who does real estate marketing for a particular property company in Abuja, he uses his social media accounts and blog to market these properties and whenever he gets a call he follows up and if the client makes a purchase he earns a commission. Another lady I know makes money online by promoting products sold on Jumia.com.ng through her blog. She doesn’t have her own products yet she makes cool cash for herself online here in Nigeria.
Tip: Look for genuine online stores in Nigeria, sign up with them for affiliate marketing and start promoting their products through your website or even via social media

Social Media Promotions
If you are active on twitter or BBM then you’re wasting away if you aren’t using your platform to market other people’s products. There are brands and businesses that actually pay influential social media personalities for online promotions. One good example of an influential social media person in Nigeria is @omojuwa who is very active on twitter. He has many followers and they engage him actively online. Big brands like MTN, first bank, Wema Bank and even NGOs have in the past paid him N500,000 or more to do a week of online publicity.
Tip: Build an influential social network especially on twitter and BBM and market your service as an online brand promoter and businesses will contact you. But note only do this if your network is influential

Do you have an unpublished book which you are determined to get published? If publishers keep turning you down for whatever reasons there is a way out for you – the amazon self-publishing program. Here you are the author, editor and even publisher of your own book the only catch is that you’ll earn 70% royalties on income from your book sale while amazon keeps the rest and that you must meet certain minimum standards which they have set. This opportunity is good because of the potential to earn passive income – money coming into your account everyday even while you sleep – it runs on auto pilot once you get published.
Tip: Write a very good book that has an available audience, get it published on Amazon but still work on promoting it.  

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