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Monday, November 14, 2016

5 Services a Business Plan Consultant can render to a Nigerian business owner

A business plan consultant in the strictest definition is anyone who can help you write a professionally sound business plan or help you improve on one you are currently writing or have already written or even advise you on how to best approach your targeted audience with the business plan you intend writing. For most Nigerian business owners or entrepreneurs they only need a business plan when trying to secure a bank loan or approach investors but rarely as a business guide and so it natural for many of them to ask besides what the fancy title suggests what can a business plan consultant really do for you? Another way to put this question is why bother approaching a so called business plan consultant in the first place?

A Business Plan Consultant can help improve your existing business plan
You are writing one business plan already and it isn’t as sound or as professional as you intend it to become, what’s the way forward? A business plan consultant is what a technical adviser is to a football team constantly losing matches or what a dietician is to a person in need of good diet. They diagnose your existing problem and show you how to go about solving it or improve your existing performance through actionable plans. So a business plan consultant can help you improve on your existing business plan to make it more professional and appealing

Business Plan Consultants give workable advice on business loan application
Sometimes you may not realize that banks reason differently from investors, while the investor is primarily after profit and the viability of your business, the banks are more interested in the risks involved, your market position against the existing competition, the accuracy of your financial projections and your repayment plan. A business plan consultant will know just how to tailor your business plan to work well for a loan application and also advise you on what to avoid in the application process.

They also write professional and bankable business plans
This is similar to advising you on writing your business plan except that the burden of writing the business plan now falls on the business plan consultant. You state your terms and explain the business venture to the consultant, he reviews the opportunity then writes one based on realistic assumptions.   

Business Plan Consultants also give sectoral and industrial analysis
If you want to set up a business but decide to do a little feasibility analysis of a business opportunity or you want to identify new business opportunities on the basis of relevant industry and economic sector who should you meet? A business plan consultant can mention past and present trends and relate both with possibility of future growth or not and hence with this analysis you could make informed decisions on your next step to take.

Carry out market research and feasibility studies
When you discover that your business has stiff competition and you are losing your market share, you need a marketing plan to help position your brand, you wish to exploit business opportunities in a new market region etc what kind of information will ensure that you don’t make costly marketing mistakes or fail to identify risk factors that could kill your business? The answer is a thorough market research or a feasibility study to the rescue but only one that is professionally carried out.

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