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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Guide Tips on Writing a Successful Business Plan in Nigeria

What should you expect when writing a business plan in Nigeria? To raise money to setup your business, to attract a strategic partner or to define your company’s corporate objectives or some other reason may be? Whatever the case one outcome is common to all – to achieve success with your written business plan.

So I am not going to write an instructive article as usual, but will write a brief guide loaded with links to point you in various directions. The article will be short but detailed enough to provide you with enough information towards achieving your desired business plan objective.

The business plan tips attached to this article are ideas and knowledge squeezed out from my nearly 5 years of professional business plan writing in Nigeria which has seen me achieve some outstanding results with clients from different fields and backgrounds.

Many of my clients have been awarded loans or attracted investors to fund their respective businesses to the extent that some of them years later still call to check on me or thank me for my work. I feel honoured knowing that my work is appreciated by respectable people - business owners and entrepreneurs.

By virtue of these, I am qualified to offer business plan writing tips to anyone seeking to find success especially if you are based in Nigeria. So here goes.

Successful Business Plan Writing Tips in Nigeria

Here are a few tips to help you along;

How much does it cost to write a Business Plan in Nigeria

This is a very common question that many people ask when making inquiries initially. The price ranges. Some people can write you a business plan for as little as N20,000 whereas others may take over N1 million. It depends on who is writing it, the qualification of the business plan writer, the time it would take to complete the work and the client.

Short Guide on How to Write a Business Plan for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

I call this article a short guide whereas it is quite lengthy. But it answers a lot of questions about how to write a business plan in Nigeria.

What to know before hiring a Nigerian Business Plan Writer

This article will save you trouble so you don’t fall prey to scammers and quacks masquerading as business plan writers in Nigeria. You will learn about things to look out for when you contact any prospective business plan writer so you can identify the genuine and competent ones from the fakes and copy cats.

How to Hire a Business Plan Writer in Nigeria

Most experienced business owners and entrepreneurs prefer to use their existing networks to hire a business plan writer which is usually a very good option. But eventually how would you know for sure if you are on to the right one?

Best Business Plan Options for Nigerian Entrepreneurs

What are your options if you need a business plan in Nigeria? Should you write it yourself, hire someone else, buy one online or just copy from www.bplans.com or contact professional business plan writers on www.liveplan.com?

Why do I need to write a Business Plan in Nigeria 

This article answers a simple question. What is the essence of writing a business plan when many others have started and ran successful businesses without a business plan?  

Why Did Investors Turn Down My Business Plan                                                                                    
If you approach an investor with a business plan but he refused to invest money into your business even though he has the money and obviously wants to make profit. Find out some subtle reasons investors turn down business plans.

How to Write an Effective Business Proposal in Nigeria 
Finally, I’ll include this article on how to effectively write a business proposal which some people mistakenly refer to when contacting business plan writers. 

Conclusion on Writing a Business Plan in Nigeria that will likely Succeed

You are the best person to write a business plan or proposal, but if your writing skills are poor and/or you don’t have enough time to write a business plan then you should contact an experienced and skilled professional business plan writer.

To hire such a writer send me an email: paulonwueme@gmail.com or call: 0803 206 4106