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Friday, January 15, 2010

Business ideas for unemployed people

By Onwueme Paul

A lot of Nigerian unemployed youths particularly university graduates and those from other higher institutions of learning are prone to thinking and expecting the worst of their unemployment predicament. The usual complain is that there is so much injustice with the allocation and sharing of job openings mostly in favour of cronies of the employers. That may be true but here are some useful tips that individuals looking for work may consider when seeking employment or a means of livelihood.

Some ventures unemployed people can pursue.

There is a famous saying that different strokes apply to different folks. Not all of these ventures may suit you and even when they do you may not consider them worth your time however for the records here they are;

1. Catering services

During my days at Yabatech, I knew of student who sold cakes to students and lecturers. It seemed out of place to hawk cakes and other confectioneries in school selling in an academic environment to fellow students and lecturers. But this very person (now a graduate and has served in NYSC) now sells cakes and other confectioneries to corporate bodies and event planners and is making a good income at least enough to cover her living expenses.

2. Transportation services

Before you scream not for me, a lot of people with humble beginnings have made sufficient amounts of money from transportation to invest in other lucrative ventures. If you can swallow your pride and vigorously pursue a commercial venture in transportation then you are good to go. The various venture that fall into this sector include; taxiing (Okada, corporate taxis and even our good old yellow and black taxis), bus commuting and courier services. Basically anything dealing with movement of people and goods from one place to another is transportation.

3. Setting up a tutorial center

A tutorial center such as one to prepare students for WAEC, NECO, JAMB or Diploma exams is a good venture that unemployed people can pursue. You only need a syllabus and a simple sign board or even word of mouth to start a venture. With time this venture has made some people really rich.

4. Blogging

Blogging is another venture an unemployed person can involve him/herself in. The key to success in blogging is finding the right niche to write about and picking topics that are commercial. Writing as often as effectively as possible is a very good way to go about blogging.

5. Consulting

A consultant is any skilled professional such as a lawyer, banker, medical practitioner and so on who has exceptional expertise in a given field or area of specialty. Most consultants are experienced or highly skilled individuals in a particular field of endeavour.

6. IT training

Perhaps as a graduate you have IT certification or other industry relevant qualification that stands you out of the pack, by all means engage people who are less endowed with good computer training. Some people teach basic computer literacy courses such as Microsoft Office and Corel draw, others teach more advanced computer packages such as Database and programming applications such as Oracle 9i and Java.

7. Make up artistry

The demand for make up artists is on the increase especially now that the local entertainment industry is on the rise. As a graduate do you have good make up skills by all means relate with people who can connect you with job openings for make up artists. By the way some make up artists are paid as much as N 8,000 to do work that may not take longer 2 hours.

8. Acting and other entertainment

Many talented individuals know that acting, singing and stand up comedy are some of the ways by which they can erk out a living for themselves. The likes of Rita Dominic, Mercy Johnson and so on are people who have decided against pursuing typical white collar jobs.

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