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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

100 Small Business Ideas for Nigerians

I present to you my small compilation of small business ideas which are partly Home business opportunities one can start with little money or no money here in Lagos Nigeria or in Nigeria as a whole.

It is not guaranteed that you will become rich doing any of these businesses just because I said profitable but for the enterprising folks that pick any of them and chooses to be diligent and resourceful, I believe the sky will be the limit for that person whether or not the business is small scale or on a part time basis. By the way there are many more ideas one could come up with so good luck with your search.

I have compiled this list for those who are looking for a means of livelihood or better yet are working but are looking for an alternative source of income. All the best as you pursue your small business.

1. Proposal writing

2. Real Estate Agency

3. Information Marketing

4. Blogging

5. Web publishing

6. Selling Fruits

7. Baking confectioneries

8. Selling honey

9. Home tutoring

10. Freelance marketing

11. Freelance writing

12. E-books publishing

13. Affiliate marketing

14. Crafts business

15. Bead making

16. Weight loss classes

17. Exercise Instructor

18. Party Planner

19. Business plan writer

20. Business broker

21. Aerobics Classes

22. Carpet Cleaning

23. Corporate Cleaning Services

24. Computer instructor

25. Dance Instructor

26. Graphic Designer

27. Web designer

28. Computer programmer

29. Computer Repairs

30. Mobile Phone Repairs

31. Charging of car and phone batteries

32. Time management consultant

33. Cooking service

34. Cosmetic sales

35. Dating Service

36. Directory Publisher

37. Editor

38. Email marketing

39. Employment Agency

40. Event Management

41. Event Planner

42. Errand Service

43. Export Agent

44. Ezine Publishing

45. Facialist

46. Hair Stylist

47. Beautician

48. Make-up Artistry

49. Freelance photographer

50. Ghost writer

51. Greeting cards designer

52. Food Delivery service

53. Home made story books

54. You tube Videos

55. Information broker

56. Infopreneur

57. Internet marketing

58. Internet service provider

59. Internet recruiting

60. Interpreter/translator

61. Foreign Language Teacher

62. Mailing list service

63. Market research

64. Monogramming

65. Music lessons

66. Nanny Service

67. Online internet training

68. Painting

69. Payroll service

70. Martial arts instructor

71. Pet training

72. Selling Pet products

73. Proof reader

74. Public Relations Agency

75. Public/Motivational Speaker

76. Reporter

77. CV/Resume Writing service

78. Self Improvement Seminars

79. Self Publishing

80. Song writer

81. Teaching

82. Technical Writer

83. Telephone Answering service

84. Tour Guide

85. Travel Agency

86. Scholarship and Overseas Study consultant

87. Typing service

88. Mobile supermarket

89. Writing press releases

90. SMS marketing

91. Excursion Service

92. Holiday Camp

93. Video game Center

94. Viewing Center

95. Day care center

96. Car wash service

97. Selling chilled Zobo Drinks

98. Youghurt

99. Home Business Center

100. School Dropping and picking service

Want to start a business in Nigeria and need a professionally written business plan? Call me: 0803 206 4106 for details on how to have one written for you.

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5 Innovative Business Ideas for Nigerian Investors

There are so many business ideas that Nigerian Entrepreneurs can embark on but this small list is my contribution and I hope it will be useful to venture seeking entrepreneurs. Some small business ideas for Nigerian include;

1. Leasing

The business of leasing involves two parties. The lessee and the lessor with the former being the person who acquires an asset from its owner (the lessor) for an agreed period of time over which payment in made installmentally. There are many assets that can be leased from small items such as Electronics and Electircal Gadgets including; laptops, mobile phones, fridges and furniture to more expensive and larger items like motorcycles, tricycles, cars and even cranes. The advantage of leasing to small scale investors and entrepreneurs is that it provides a cheap means of acquiring assets without affecting cashflow and working capital. It is a cheap source of financing capital assets and also provides reasonable profit to the lessors who also have the option or repossessing assets in case of default in payments by the lessee.

2. Job search Services

Job search in Nigeria is increasingly taking on a commercial form. There is absolutely no known number of players in this field as practically so many people render various job search services such as CV writing, Job interview consulting, talent search, general recruitment, mobile vacancy notification (whether by sms, e-mail or web portal) and so on. A lot of companies these days prefer to outsource the entire recruitment process and this along with the enormously large Nigerian job market creates uncountable opportunities for enterprising individuals to set up businesses that can cater to the needs of companies to hire the best but most affordable hands and in turn ensure that suitably qualified job seekers are gainfully employed.

3. Hostels for University Undergraduates

It is a known fact that many of our Universities, even Polytechnics and Colleges of Education lack adequate housing facilities for their students. Many students have to go out into nearby towns and villages to rent apartments which are often expensive and not condusive for many of them. Constructing a block of Hostels for students in these so called nearby villages and towns will not only save students money but will also provide a more descent accommodation for them and to the investor/entrepreneur, good profit.

4. Travel and Tour Agency

These days Nigerians from all walks of life from all over the world are traveling to many destinations in and around Nigeria especially Lagos and Abuja. A travel agency that can offer travelers value for money, save them time and heart aches and provide them with lots of yummy deals will be a most lucrative venture. Guess what, a travel agency requires little capital outlay but proper certification and accreditation with IATA and other regulatory agencies is very compulsory.

5. Franchise Supermarkets

Franchise supermarkets and mega stores like Shoprite, the Game and Walmart are also business ideas that are worth pursuing. The Nigerian society is a consumer based one with practically almost every major consumable either being imported or being produced locally under license of the trademark owner. Nokia, Etel and Slot know about these concept and although they are not franchises or have franchise arrangements in place are however making the most of situation begging for investors.

Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Home based Internet business ideas

For people looking for an easy internet business they can start on a part-time basis, here is a selection of internet business ideas they can pursue with little capital and some of them can really make a decent amount of money over time. Mind you, I said easy to start not easy money making, it therefore means in as much as these businesses are easy to start, making easy money with them is not that easy although it is possible.

1. A products review website or blog

This is a very simple internet business idea that costs almost nothing to start except the initial hosting cost and even that is optional. You could actually start it without any investment whatsoever by using a free blogging service such as Hupages and blogger. What this idea is all about is to write reviews (short articles that mention the pros and cons of a product relative to its substitutes) about a product in high demand and post them on a blog or website. You can make money in three ways here; as an affiliate, a publisher earning from adsense or selling advertising space on your blog or website.

2. A niche content service website or blog

A niche is a group of people with a pressing need and who are willing and able to pay to have that need satisfied. There are many niches on the internet, such as Housewives who want to earn a living from home, chess lovers who want to improve their playing skills and so on. A website or blog devoted to a particular niche is what a niche content website is about. Writing short articles of small length say (300 to 500 words) is okay. You make money by adding adsense ads to your blog so people who are interested in them can click on for you to make money from.

3. An Affiliate marketing service

Another easy to start internet business idea is to create a blog/website around a central theme then build traffic to that blog/website. Some people build traffic to their blog by offering a free gift such as a free newsletter, or free report which can only be received by email, meaning that new users will have to sign up first to receive that gift. Then their emails are captured and then informational and promotional letters or articles can then be sent periodically to these people. Some of these letters or articles will promote products that are related to the blog’s central theme. Another way to receive traffic is by using article directories and forums to promote the website which will have a promotional article for a particular product which visitors to the blog are likely to find useful.

4. Job listing website

Many people go online to search for jobs and many businesses advertise products and services relating to job search. Why not set up a job listing website. The vacancies on your website can be gotten from other job boards or newspapers, but the content of what you post on your website can be different.

5. Real Estate listing website

Another simple internet business to pursue could be real estate listing website. Offer free listing service for apartment seekers with a website and just place adsense ads on them or better still sell advertising space to advertisers and make money in the process.

6. Video sharing Website

Some people are making money on you tube with video sharing service. Just like the other already listed internet business ideas, video sharing website can also generate passive income from their uploaded videos.

7. A tips website

A website that only gives out useful tips on how to do things or get certain results is a very viable internet business idea. www.ehow.com and wikihow are good examples for you to borrow a leaf from.

8. A personal development blog

Some smart people are making money from their personal development blogs like dumblittleman.com and stevepavlina.com are doing.

9. An online Beginner Class

There are many beginner classes one could start. For instance chess classes for beginners, French for beginners, driving for beginners, make-up artistry for beginners and so on. Even blogging for beginners is possible.

10. An online retail store

For people with a passion for trading stuff how about an online retail store? It is very possible to sell second hand clothes, shoes and bags from a website, just purchase a web store application or even use a free service such as ebay to do so. Easy to set up, you can start running this business right away with very little cost less than $100.

All these internet business ideas are easy to set up and they usually do pay off judging from the examples or really successful case studies.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Simple ways to make money in Nigeria

How easy is it to make money in Nigeria? For many unemployed youths it is as easy as solving the most complex mathematical problems. But only if you lack the entrepreneurial spirit, why do I say so? Take the example of 4 unemployed graduates in Nigeria who are making money today doing very simple things.

1. Tutorial center

Our first example is a young millionaire tutorial center owner. While serving in Kogi state, he discovered he had a gift for teaching, seeing that many people cannot pass UTME examinations because of poor preparation, Obi a graduate of Sociology from one of the state universities in eastern Nigeria now runs a pre-UTME examination preparation center or as it is commonly called tutorial center in Lagos. According to him, “I handle government, economics and sometimes commerce, while my employees handle other subject areas”. How much does he make every month? “Not less than N 250,000 most of my students are willing to pay the fees which I charge them, and my low over heads means plenty of profit”. On whether he will take up a job if he is offered any he replies, “not on my life, how much will they pay me? Moreover I have more freedom working for myself”.

2. Online courses

Is it possible to make money in Nigeria by merely running an online course in project management? “Certainly” as Abigail, an MBA holder and a graduate of UNIPORT puts it in a light hearted conversation over the plight of many unemployed Nigerian graduates. She is of the opinion that jobs are too scarce to waste time pursuing. “Even with my master degree and professional certifications I still found it difficult to land a job, because the job market is highly competitive. Nigerian graduates should look inwards for their jobs because there aren’t any jobs out there”. Her online courses are sold via e-mail to clients all over the world. All she does is to market the training via internet marketing techniques from where she refers them to a website that markets her service. She wouldn’t mention how much she makes but for someone who travels twice a year to the United States on vacation using money from her online courses, I can imagine that her income runs into millions a year.

3. Teaching language skills

Ngozi is a French language graduate, who like many of her fellow French graduates found it had to land a job. Instead of pursuing non-existent jobs or settling for less she decided to become a language teacher. She teaches French to people who want to learn and charges N 1000 per hour minimum per client. “French is not so difficult to learn if you are committed, 2 hours a day of practice for 100 days can make you a good speaker” She has clients who pay for courses weeks ahead meaning she can have plenty of cash at hand to chase other businesses. At least she earns more money than some of her colleagues who work in banks. She has her own car and lives in a 3 bedroom flat and travelled last year to France on vacation.

4. Online Job Update service

What about making money online from Google’s adsense program? Besides me writing this article you should have heard of Ken (not real name) who runs a popular job listing website realnigerianjobs.com, according to him (from one of his sales letters) he makes over N200,000 a month running a job listing website. How much did it cost him to start? A paltry few thousand naira to pay for web hosting service and just a few hours a day for 7 months to build sufficient traffic to his blog.

All the above cited examples are proof that unemployment has its good sides as well. If you can’t get someone to give you a job, look inwards and search for a job or better still create a business and employ people instead.
Good luck all.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

List of Registered Commercial banks in Nigeria

Thanks for visiting my blog where you can learn about some Home Business opportunities in Nigeria. Here is a comprehensive list of CBN recognized commercial banks in Nigeria in alphabetical order with their Addresses and contact information.

1. Access Bank of Nigeria plc

Headquarters: Plot 1665, Oyin Jolayemi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Telephone: +234 -1-26201404-41, +234-1-2626273-76
Website: www.accessbankplc.com

2. Diamond Bank of Nigeria plc

Headquarters: Plot 1261, Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Telephone: +234-1-2701500, +234-1-2620740
Website: www.diamondbank.com

3. Ecobank of Nigeria plc

Headquarters: 2, Ajose Adeogun Street Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Telephone: +234-1-2626368-88, 2626710-17
Website: www.ecobank.com

4. Enterprise Bank of Nigeria plc

Headquarters: Plot 143, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos
Telephone: +234-1-4619570-3, 2623780-7
Website: www.springbankplc.com

5. Fidelity Bank plc

Headquarters: 2, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
Telephone: +234-1-2610408-12
Website: www.fidelitybankplc.com

6. Fin Bank Plc

Headquarters: Plot 532, IBB way, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja
Telephone: +234-9-6700136-7
Website: www.finbankplc.com

7. First Bank Plc

Headquarters: 35, Marina, Lagos.
Telephone: +234-1-2665900-19
Website: www.firstbanknigeria.com

8. First City Monument Bank Plc

Headquarters: Primrose Tower, 17a, Tinubu Street, Lagos
Telephone: +234-1-2665944-53

9. GT Bank Plc

Headquarters: Plot 1669, Oyin Jolayemi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Telephone: +234-1-2622650-69
Website: www.gtbplc.com

10. Intercontinental Bank Plc

Headquarters: Intercontinental Plaza, Danmole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Telephone: +234-1-2622940-59
Website: intercontinentalbankplc.com

11. Keystone Bank Plc

Headquarters: 1, Bank PHB Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Telephone: +234-1-4485742
Website: www.bankphb.com

12. Main street Bank Plc

Headquarters: 51/55 Broad Street, Lagos
Telephone: +234-1-2799500

13. Oceanic Bank Plc

Headquarters: Waterfront Plaza, Plot 270, Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Telephone: +234-1-2705010-9
Website: www.oceanicbanknigeria.com

14. Skye Bank Plc

Headquarters:Head Office: 3, Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
TelePhone: +234 1 2627760-9
Website: http://www.skyebankng.com

15. Stanbic IBTC plc

Headquarters:I.B.T.C. Place, Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos
TelePhone: +234 1 2626520-40
Website: http://www.ibtc.com

16. Standard Chartered Bank Plc

Headquarters:105b, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
TelePhone: +234 1 3262000, 2626801-5
Website: http://www.standardchartered.com/ng

17. Sterling Bank Plc

Headquarters: 20 Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos
TelePhone: +234 1 2690380-8
Website: http://www.sterlingbankng.com

18. UBA Plc

Headquarters:57, Marina, Lagos
TelePhone: +234 1 2644651-700, 4701416, 2642284
Website: http://www.ubaplc.com

19. Union Bank Plc

Headquarters:Stallion Plaza, 36 Marina, Lagos
TelePhone: +234 1 2668105, 2668043, 2646011, 2667216
Website: http://www.unionbankng.com

20. Unity Bank

Headquarters:Plot 497, Central Business District, Abogo Largema Street, Abuja
TelePhone: +234 9 6701082-9
Website: http://www.unitybankng.com

21. Wema bank

Headquarters: 54 Marina,P.M.B. 12862 Lagos Nigeria.

Email: cic@wemabank.com

Telephone: +234-1-2711697, +234-1-4613146-7


22. Zenith Bank Plc

Headquarters:Plot 84, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Telephone: 234-1-2787000, 2927000, 4647000, 0700ZENITHBANK

Friday, August 19, 2011

How to start a small scale business in Lagos Nigeria

To start a small business you need to have a nerve of steel because the business environment is very challenging. You have to contend with factors that cause many businesses to fail in addition to stiff competition in the Lagos Nigeria business environment. But even at that you still need to arm yourself with the right kind of information that will make it possible for you start a small business and what am I talking about?

1. Get the business idea

Do you have the right business idea already? How sure are you of it? Will your business truly make money and what are the odds against you? Whatever business you wish to pursue be sure of one thing, a wrong idea will be a recipe for disaster but I assume that is not the case.

2. Register the business

After getting the idea, the next step is to register your business. This is necessary so that you can have that unique name for yourself because businesses are started everyday and you never know who might have a similar name to your preferred name. So register the business with the corporate affairs commission and get your certificate which proves that you truly are authorized to transact business.

3. Get a business plan

No serious business succeeds without a plan. Knowing this means ultimately a business plan must be prepared to guide the would-be entrepreneur and also get him/her prepared to face investors or lenders when the time to raise capital to execute the business comes. No business plan means huge losses and ultimately failure in business. Therefore get that business plan in place.

4. Find a suitable location

The best location for doing any business is one in which the business man can easily access raw materials and reach his desired market. In other words place which ensures closeness or proximity between suppliers and customers is an ideal location for a business although this may not always be possible. But we can still aspire to something close to the ideal. Although frankly speaking not all businesses require a fixed location. Some businesses can be done on the go. You can do them anywhere other than in a fixe place.

5. Get equipments and tools for your trade

Once you have a suitable location, now is the time to get the tools, machines and equipment you need to make your business work. If for instance you are into digital photography, after you have situated your business, it will be time for getting your tools (digital camera, computers, photo printers and other relevant gadgets).

6. Start marketing

The last and final stage to starting a business is handling the marketing. That is getting a brand name or trade mark, logo, company slogan and other measures necessary for improving the selling position of the business, its products and services. The marketing aspect also involves meeting and networking with people who are relevant to the business and spreading the word round.
So those are the simple steps to starting a business in Lagos Nigeria. Do you have a comment to leave? Let’s hear it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

List of Job search Websites in Nigeria

Here is a list of job search websites in Nigeria that I consider quite reliable for pointing job seekers to the latest job vacancies in Nigeria.

1. Getnaijajobs.com

This website which is more of a forum where job seekers, applicants and recruiters meet to discuss job related issues or post announcements is a very unique source of latest job vacancies in Nigeria. Although the website in question is not as popular as naijahotjobs or nairalist, it is a useful source of latest job information and a place to network.

2. Naijahotjobs.com

Naijahotjobs.com is the most popular job search website in Nigeria. It is so popular that majority of Nigerian job seekers know about this website. It too has a forum where members such as job seekers and recruiters meet to share information. Also there are dedicated threads made to popular posts and other announcements that advise or warn as the case may be job seekers especially against job scammers who prowl the forum often.

3. Careersnigeria.com

This is another interesting job search website that works well for the Nigerian Job seeker. It offers applicants the choice of uploading their CVs online for employers to scrutinize and even divides vacancies into segments i.e by industry or location. It has recently become a recruiter working on behalf of companies to screen applicants for interviews.

4. Nairalist.com

This website modeled after craigslist has various sections but one of the most active sections is the jobs section under Lagos state. Nairalist is a very popular job search website for Job seekers in Lagos Nigeria but usually the positions are unclassified or general interest jobs.

5. Nairaland.com

Nairaland is Nigeria’s most popular website with over 700,000 registered members. It has a jobs section where job vacancies are posted often and also a place where people can talk about issues affecting the Nigerian Job market.

6. Jetheights.com

This website does a traditional job vacancy listing. Simple website to access and navigate through

7. Jobberman.com

This website is a very big ‘job search’ website that has carved a professional niche for itself, dealing with top notch businesses and employers seeking the most skillful hands in the industry

8. Jobs-in-nigeria.net

This website although it has not been updated for sometime is a useful website for people looking for good advice on how to apply to a position, prepare ones CV and even information on how to set up a small business if you want to be self-employed.

9. Nigeriagalleria.com

This website is originally a web directory of businesses in Nigeria but has also developed a job zone where the latest job vacancies, are posted within 2 weeks. There is also the option of posting one’s CV online for employers to scrutinize.

10. Ngcareers.com

Latest Job Vacancies in Nigeria by a very seasoned team of job search experts. Nice website if you ask me to find plum jobs and serious employers.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Benefits of SMS marketing in Nigeria

These days businesses in Nigeria are going mobile doing a lot of stuff on the move, like transacting business with clients and customers on phone or via email or even by their websites. One unique feature of doing mobile business in Nigeria as a whole is marketing goods and services by Short Message Service or SMS as it is commonly called which is becoming increasingly popular.

SMS marketing has many benefits and that explains why many people pursue it. Take for instance businesses that sell products to a diverse market such as GSM companies can bridge the gap between people spread across the country. Even government these days uses SMS marketing to achieve various goals. About the time of the general elections I remember receiving a voice message from Mr. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan asking me to support his candidacy by voting for him. Churches and religious institutions are not left out of it as they can also send messages to their devotees and faithful. NGOs can spread messages to the general public and also receive feedback in the process.

Benefits of marketing with SMS

Why should anyone consider marketing goods and services or passing messages, making announcements or using SMS as a way of reaching out to people?

1. Reaches a large audience fast

One good reason is that SMS can reach a large audience very fast and in a way that is not so inconvenient. For instance with radio and television if I want to reach a large number of people with an announcement I would first have to approach the TV station or Radio station and make payment for my advert which is not immediate and has to be fixed for a particular day and slot. Of course I will have to pay attention to radio or TV station to make sure my advert was actually aired and all that. But with push button technology I can reach many people almost immediately without having to put up with waiting for days for me to reach my audience.

2. Cheap and low cost advertisement

SMS marketing also provides a cheap means of advertising. You don’t need to spend much to reach let’s say 10,000 people unlike other conventional media.

3. More targeted reach

With SMS marketing it is easier to reach a particular niche and at almost no cost thereby making your marketing approach cost effective some other media.

4. Messages stay longer

If I heard an advert on radio and wasn’t paying full attention, chances are that I would miss the message and therefore would have to ask others if they heard or know the contents of the message. With SMS marketing that is almost impossible. The message stays on your phone or the web depending on your arrangement with the service provider and you can read it whenever you like.

5. Programmable Database

I can easily adjust my customer list and database by merely adding or removing inactive or non-functional contacts. Also with my analysis of my customer list I can know who are my hot prospects and consequently delete the wrong contacts from my lists.

Lagos Nigeria Real Estate Investment Opportunities

In Lagos Nigeria there are so many opportunities invest and make lots of money from the Nigerian real estate market. These opportunities exist because Lagos Nigeria is currently experiencing a major population growth rate and at the same time is attracting a lot of foreign direct investments that seizing an opportunity invest especially now that the cost of doing so is fairly low compared to what it will become in a few years time.

1. Student Hostels

One of the challenges of Nigerian Universities and polytechnics having sufficient accommodation for the student population, but this also presents an opportunity to construct off campus student hostel accommodation since student hostels within university campuses are usually congested and not in the best of shapes to be called befitting places of abode. As a result, this situation presents a suitable investment opportunity for willing real estate investors.

2. One room Apartment Building

Poor families and low income earners also present an interesting and rewarding investment opportunity for real estate investors in that there is the opportunity to construct large single room apartment buildings specifically meant for people of meager means. The apartment buildings are called face me I face you because each room is directly opposite another room occupied by another tenant.

3. One Bed room or Self Contained Apartment Buildings

Educated single young men and women having suitable employment with a slightly higher incomes usually want to have a certain amount of exclusivity that face me I face you apartments don’t offer and that is in self-contained or one bedroom flats which are apartments with a living room, a bedroom, one toilet and bathroom as well as kitchen. A whole apartment building consisting of up to 12 or more of these flats can serve as a profitable medium term investment.

4. 2 or 3 Bedroom Apartment Buildings

Young educated couples with an income that can be classified as middle class usually want to have exclusivity and more space which self contained apartments don’t offer. So they usually settle for 2 or 3 bedroom flats.

5. Bungalows

Bungalows are single floor houses consisting of usually 3 or 4 bedrooms, a kitchen and one or more bathrooms and toilet depending on investors’ resources and renters taste. These kinds of apartments are usually suitable for higher middle class folks - people whose means are close to those of the rich. Bungalows are more exclusive than apartment buildings because they offer greater privacy living space and convenience.

6. Duplex Apartments

The duplex apartments are two floors or single storey buildings - as they are known in Nigeria - are dedicated to just one occupant at a time. Typically these apartments offer the convenience of having an exclusive compound for parking cars or gardening and playground for children. Duplexes are suitable for the rich.

7. Luxury Apartments

These are apartments typically reserved for the super rich people with high tastes. People who want luxury and exclusivity at the same time and more often than not they are either expatriates working for a short time in Lagos Nigeria or filthy Nigerians who have lived abroad for a long time. These apartments usually have everything in place even before the renter pays for them. All that is left after paying the rent is to move in and every other thing has been taken care of.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to Make money online in Nigeria

By Onwueme Paul

I am writing this article to share with you tips on how you can make money online working in Lagos Nigeria. This blog (Lagosbusinesses.blogspot.com) has been on since 2009 but only of late 2011 has it been performing really well and I am comfortable calling it a successful online money making machine in the making.

Just as this blog is making waves I would like to mention a few things for you to do in order to get started with making money online in Lagos Nigeria.

To start with I will encourage you to read about how you can find business ideas here with this incisive article which gets to the heart of how entrepreneurs come up with their business ideas.


There are many options facing the average would be Nigerian entrepreneur looking for a business he can prosecute online so I have provided this link on list-of-home-based-internet-businesses you could possibly start in Lagos Nigeria,

but that is not all there is perhaps you before commencing on anything you may want to know the steps to follow in order to start an internet business in Lagos Nigeria and so this link does a straight forward job in explaining the process


and also this very interesting article which takes some myths about how to make money online in Nigeria legitimately to the cleaners how-to-start-legitimate-profitable

One thing I really love about making money online in Lagos Nigeria is that you can actually start with little or no money and that is better explained in this post about blogging micro-blogging-in-nigeria-way-to-make

Blogging in Lagos Nigeria is really a rewarding experience and this post is not complete without giving due reference to SMS business opportunities in Lagos Nigeria if you are looking to make money online in Lagos Nigeria, then these resources are good starting points for you.

Friday, August 5, 2011

SMS business opportunities in lagos nigeria

By Onwueme Paul


SMS stands for short message service and is one of the services that mobile telephone service providers and internet service providers provide to end users. It is a digital mobile service that enables businesses and individuals to send messages across to their target audiences. For instance a product launch, wedding notification, promotions, greetings and other announcements can be sent to a large number of people across various networks at a relatively low price.

With an SMS business one has the opportunity to help individuals and businesses send their messages to people scattered over diverse regions using texts at little or no cost whatsoever. No need to call friends and relations to tell them something you can say in a few understandable sentences. Just get to the point with your message and you are there home and dry.

There are two main types of services provided by SMS business namely premium service in which the end user pays for the service and Customer Relationship Management service in which a service provider pays for the service to end users.

Benefits of SMS

• Saves cost. For less than the normal rate of sending SMS with conventional media
• Faster as you don’t need to manually prepare and configure messages to be sent
• More secure than ordinary text messages and phone calls as there is less risk of unauthorized access
• Offers convenience to sender
• Privacy is improved


• Not many people buy into SMS mode of sending messages
• It is costly to acquire although it tends to cost less when the cost is spread across units purchased.

Steps to Starting an SMS business

1. Locate a service provider

The first step is to locate a service provider. A company that provides bulk SMS service to resellers, this company typically offers resellers a custom built website with a control panel from which the reseller and create and manage client accounts. With this CP in place the reseller can now start marketing his service to clubs, associations, companies, banks and other companies that have a large customer base.

2. Get connected to the internet

Of course internet access is necessary but the kind of internet access that suits you will depend on the kind of customer you are dealing with and the type of SMS service (if you are using XL plug-in software). With a large client base you will need dedicated internet access but with a small business you are looking at any kind of internet service even a cybercafé is good enough.

3. Get a Reseller Plan

After securing an internet access the next step is to purchase a reseller plan. Most reseller plans start at just N10,000 with as few as 5,000 units. The choice of purchasing plan ultimately depends on you.

4. Approach the customers

After having determined your business model the final step is to start approaching customers and spreading the word about you and your service. Good prospects include churches, associations, banks, small businesses, hotels, political parties and even NGOs.

Things to note

The SMS plans have a validity period which means they must all be used up within a given time frame or will become stale.