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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Internet Marketing Money Making ideas and Opportunities

Internet marketing is the most effective way to make money online especially if you have little or no money. This brings up the question: are there ways of making money online with internet marketing? If yes what are specific examples of this trade?

Let’s start our search for money making ideas and opportunities in internet marketing with a list of small business ideas relating to internet marketing below but before going into them let me say for people who don’t know, internet marketing is actually a real job, it needs time to function and it takes time to achieve desirable results, it isn’t a get rich quick thing but it can be highly rewarding on the long run.

1.       Leads generation for companies

This idea is simply connected to the generating a stream of potential customers for companies that do business online. Many businesses find their customers online e.g hotels, airlines, car rental companies and realtors. By providing an online lead generation service, internet marketers can make money from commissions as agents or get paid a certain fee for bringing in a particular number of customers for businesses. Imagine a situation in which a hotel has a website with very little traffic being generated, if I happen to offer a lead generation service then I could do one of two things; provide a link on my high traffic travel website that points to that hotel’s website and get paid a fee for that or recommend a service or product that the hotel provides and get paid a commission whenever a client/customer makes a purchase on that website through my link.

2.       Affiliate Marketing

Alternatively I might also do affiliate marketing, in which case my efforts will be in helping online businesses sell their products or getting paid by getting prospects to do something that the merchants would like – this is called CPA or Cost Per Action. In affiliate marketing there are a number of options open to serious business men and women who want to make a career from it. One is to set up a blog or website designed to attract a specific audience and then recommend a product that is related to what that audience is looking for. For example, let’s say I have a blog about fashion tips then it will make sense for me to recommend a product like designer lip sticks from an online merchant who sells them to my readers. Whenever a purchase is made by any of my readers from a link on blog pointing to the merchant website, I get paid a commission.

3.       Selling highly Targeted Traffic building Service to Companies

Highly targeted web traffic, the kind that comes from search engines is everybody’s desire. Businesses that sell stuff online know that without it they can’t make money so businesses that do sell online are willing to pay to attract highly targeted web traffic. Some people make a full time income selling traffic to online merchants from their blogs and websites because they know it is an alternative to online advertising. How does google make its money? Obviously from the same model so it is possible to make money this way however how much you charge your clients depends on the quality and volume of traffic you send them from your website or through your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

4.       Page rank building Service

Some individuals and businesses own blogs or websites they want to rank high in search engines. In order to do this effectively they need to build their blog or websites page rank, this is a service that is usually contracted to SEO experts and some people are making a nice living off this.
These few ideas are some ways by which people can make money from internet marketing and there are other opportunities as well. So what do you think?

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Best Home business Ideas for 2012

Home business ideas are good for startup entrepreneurs and stay at home mums who are looking for businesses they wish to pursue. In 2012, more and more people are likely to take to home businesses as unemployed people also join the bandwagon of home business owners. There are many potential business ideas for 2012 but a few stand out based on how much income they can generate and what it costs to start and run these businesses.

1.       Freelance writing

For talented writers, freelance writing offers great money making opportunities. Some freelance writers make as much as $10,000 a month and the wonderful thing about freelance writing is that it costs almost nothing to start and there is little overhead costs involved. Surely this is among the best home business ideas for anyone with good writing skills.

2.       Blogging

Blogging is similar to freelance writing in terms of cost of setting and running one except that it can generate much more income overtime. Also making money from blogging is time consuming at the onset and requires a lot of monitoring and commitment, it is also highly competitive but gradually becomes very profitable with time. Some bloggers make as much as $100,000 a month but it is no mean feat to accomplish.

3.       Developing Apps

For programmers and computer software developers there are countless opportunities to develop applications for various online needs. People develop game apps, e-commerce apps and even apps for entertainment (music and movies) and so on. App makers among a new generation of internet millionaires emerging in the 21st century with some of them, making well over a million dollars a year.

4.       SEO consultancy

There are many businesses that are taking to marketing their businesses online. Many businesses now have facebook and twitter accounts. Some have blogs while others are taking to paying for high ranking keywords to make their online presence ever stronger. This has offered experienced bloggers and opportunity to run SEO consultancy businesses and offer clients an opportunity to make money. Some SEO experts make thousands of dollars a month from their business.

5.       Social Media Management

Social media is fast becoming an internet standard for many. People and businesses have an online presence and it is becoming a way of life. Unlike SEO that is simply targeted at websites and blogs, social media management can be useful in brand management. For experienced marketers, Social Media Marketing can be used to build the reputation of businesses online and get paid for doing so. On facebook, twitter, digg and other social bookmarking sites, SMM can be effectively used to make a living online. Some SMM experts are employed directly to work for businesses as employees while others work as contractors from home.

6.       Toy making and Selling

Some stay at home mums are converting handcrafts into money making ventures – making toys, dolls and what have you can be very lucrative. Making money from selling toys for those who can’t make the toys is also possible. It is possible to make $3,000 or more a month from this venture.

7.       Affiliate Marketing

Making money from affiliate marketing is a very popular way for many. Bloggers, freelance writers and SEO consultancy can be combined with this venture. From affiliate marketing tips for small businesses one can make money on a residual basis just like making money from your pensions.

8.       Selling Items on ebay

Ebay is a vast market place and many people are making money from it selling great stuff - unique and cheap items. Another popular market place is amazon which is like ebay except that ebay is stronger with auctions. Some folks claim to make $5,000 a month from ebay alone and their claims seem credible because ebay is a multi-billion dollar company.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

6 Effective Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

There are a few marketing tips that could be useful to small businesses and here are a few. 

1.       Use a blog and Social Media to meet new clients

Blogs are fast becoming a powerful PR and marketing tool for many small businesses that require online presence. The use of social media offers small business owners the opportunity to interact with their clients and get useful insights into trends as they occur.

2.       SEO Branding

A brand is a business name as well as the reputation it carries with it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – the use of techniques that make it easier for search engine users to find useful information contained in webpages. SEO branding is simply using techniques that will cause a business to carve a niche within a market and get search engines to recognize your blog or website as being an authority within that niche. With SEO branding you are making a strong online impact for your business.

3.       Excellent Customer Relations

Some businesses thrive on word of mouth mostly and do little or no advertising. Businesses that are of this kind are usually repeat businesses and are service based. For instance, hair and beauty salons, retail stores and so on. To get repeat business excellent customer relations is central and even more crucial is that many new customers are often times referrals from old and loyal customers. This is a marketing tool by itself.

4.       Product Labeling

If you happen to be a retailer do this smart thing – assuming you sell expensive items or once in a while kind of items e.g fridges or laptops simply label your products with a sticker or stamp as a way reminding your customer about you and also informing others about your services who may come in contact with your sold item whether the item is in an office or in a home.

5.       Always say Thank You

According to a study done some years back, saying thank you to customers who purchased items from a store made them come back and also led to an average increase in purchases of 70% of items bought the previous time. An appreciated customer loves to appreciate in return and would do this by coming back and buying even more.

6.       Reward loyal customers

Encourage loyal customers by giving them something in return. Set up a loyalty reward scheme to pay back customers who have bought something from you by either offering them special discounts, presenting them gifts or holding an entertaining get together for them. You know just do something that makes them glad that they bought something from you.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top 5 Small Home Business Ideas that require little start-up capital

For people who are looking to start small home businesses but don’t have ideas of their own may want to consider the following small businesses.

1.       Blogging

This is for people who don’t mind setting up a passive stream of income. There are two popular ways to make money from blogging namely; Pay per Click or PPC and Cost per Action or CPA although besides these methods people also make money by selling products through their blogs and sometimes by asking for donations. But let’s face reality for most bloggers money comes from advertising either by selling advertising space or displaying third party advertising such as with PPC and CPA. With PPC, you make money whenever someone clicks on displayed advertising where as with CPA you get paid only when a certain action such as referring someone who signs up for a service or purchases an item from a certain website and so on. As a blogger you are self employed working from home is possible and as a small business owner this can be really interesting as well as challenging.

2.       Software design

For people with interest in ICT, software design is a good part time home based small business. There are many opportunities to create various software especially applications or apps as they are known particularly in this time of the internet revolution. These businesses are easy to set up, cost almost nothing in terms of overheads and are very profitable.

3.       Freelance writing

Many talented writers are also freelance writers earning a part time income writing articles online for various clients. It is a business that has little entry barrier but almost endless potentials for income. Some people like teenage freelance writer/blogger Onibalusi of youngprepro.com makes thousands of dollars per month from freelance writing.

4.       Affiliate Marketing

Lisa Irby is a successful small home based business woman working as an affiliate marketer. She has since quit her job and makes a lot of money working from home as an affiliate marketer promoting products like SBI websites, domain names and web hosting service among others. 

5.       Ebay Trading

Some people do ebay trading selling stuff from home. Some are into drop shipping merely acting as middlemen not actually buying anything but referring shoppers to sellers. You can learn more about ebay business

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

10 Small/Startup Business Tips

Small businesses spring up all the time and many of them grow to become big businesses employing thousands and making tens of millions of dollars annually. But for any business to grow from small to medium then large scale depends on management practices that engender growth. Here are 10 among many tips that could help grow your small business.

1.       Keep and manage Documents well

As obvious as this might seem many small business owners especially those in informal businesses are not very good at keeping and managing documents. With well kept documents, your business can grow and become a fantastic example of small business great concept. Turning your small business into a working business is an achievable fit, certainly not when you don’t have working documents to back your operations. 

2.       Buy quality first

The popular quote pennywise pound foolish means only one thing – buy the best you can afford rather than the cheapest. This applies to simple things as supplies, labor, expertise, information and what have you. Quality rather than quantity should be our watch word.

3.       Use your business plan often

A business plan is not just a document for raising finance it is also a management tool providing valuable insights into how best to achieve your business goals and objectives.

4.       Use customer relations effectively

With good customer relations a small business has a very powerful marketing tool at its disposal. Word of mouth and repeat business are inexpensive ways to generate sales and can’t be achieved when customer relations fail.

5.       Use social media well

Social media especially online social media such internet networking sites facebook, twitter and hi5 are fantastic PR tools that can put any business in the global market. If you run an internet based small business then without doubt good PR with social media will do your business a whole lot of good.

6.       Network with other business owners

Many business owners know more than you do in one aspect of business or the other. By networking with some of them, you will be drawing some interesting leverage and opportunities your way, meet and discuss with other business owners.

7.       Plough back profits into your business

Many businesses grow without external financing because the owners often times re-invest the profits from normal trading activities. By ploughing back profit into the business, small business owners can grow their small businesses overtime making them stronger and more profitable.

8.       Avoid debts as much as possible

Many successful business owners have said that they often times regret taking loans with banks because of the costs they incur as well as repaying the loan. But besides loans other forms of debt or credit are not necessarily useful, if it is possible to do without them, go ahead else use them sparingly.

9.       Spend wisely

Obviously no one needs to say this. Spend wisely and save yourself a lot of hassles.

10.   Only hire the best you can afford

One good servant is better than 100 bad servants same too with employees. One good employee is far better than a hundred. Your effort should be to hire the best workers your resources can afford rather than anyone who can deliver at the barest minimum.

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