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Monday, May 14, 2012

New Home Business Ideas for Nigerians

There are so many business ideas for Nigerians one can pursue here in Nigeria that you’ll feel disappointed when you here people complain that there aren’t many opportunities. I mean take a look at some interesting ideas I want to share with you, you’ll get what I mean shortly.

Selling Cakes online in Nigeria

I was fascinated by the wonderful story of Agnes Umofia, owner Abujacakes.com who makes a decent living from her Nigerian home business selling cakes to people she has never met before. Who says making money from home using a website here in Nigeria is not a wonderful idea.

Selling Pastries with BBM

Faizah Umar is a pastry hobbyist who realized she could make money from selling pastries after family and friends took notice of her lovely baking skills. She doesn’t have a website like Agnes but interacts through Black Berry Messenger (BBM) with her clients. Of course she did rely on word of mouth initially but today her reputation speaks for itself, some of her clients go as far as helping her source ingredients for her cupcakes because they just love it.

Weight loss classes

Tina Nathaniel is a mother and wife. Highly interested in healthy living especially weight loss and natural 100% juice she knows quite a lot about these two topics that she is ready to help many people overcome their problems with weight loss and show them the road leading to a healthier life. She interacts with BBM as well and works from home.

Bead making

Yewande is a genius when it comes to bead making. Does she own a shop? The answer is no but she does good business. Like the examples above, she is active on BBM, has a facebook page where she talks about what she does and receives serious enquiries from people who want her beads.


  • Be exceptionally good at what you do. All these women offer services that few people can match. They stand out.

  • Put the word out! Being good alone won’t get you customers you have to tell people about it. Talk to friends and friends of friends about interesting things connected to what you do, that’s the way to find customers. Whether it’s on facebook, twitter or google plus or even BBM do put the word out.

  • Excellent service means always showing you care about your customers and surpassing their expectations.
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