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Monday, August 13, 2012

Unique Business Opportunity in Nigeria: Professional Home and Office Cleaning

Some people have requested business ideas from me on 10 profitable businesses to start in Nigeria for N50’000 or less, this was one of the ideas I mentioned in that article. But I didn’t cover this topic that much in that email but if you want to have some of those ideas then feel free to drop me an email to paulonwueme@gmail.com with title being free.

Target Market

Now to talk about this unique business idea do you know you can actually start and run a business that merely involves cleaning people’s offices and homes for them? It shouldn’t surprise you because there are some homes were the owner is a very busy person and may not want to hire a house keeper to keep his/her home clean. Also there are offices were the staff are too busy to engage in cleaning up where as they must have their offices cleaned. Imagine for instance that I work in a consulting firm where everyone is a graduate and the business attends to big clients who could come in at any time of the day during official hours, do you think it makes sense to ask staff who would be well dressed in their corporate wares to clean up the office? Of course not, that will be unrealistic instead they’ll prefer to outsource the cleaning of their office to professionals for various reasons for instance;

Why businesses will patronize you

  • The need to save time, the companies can then focus on their main business while you handle the cleaning for them
  • In order to maintain a professional image, professional cleaners are assumed to do a better job than informal cleaners hired directly
  • For security reasons
  • Cleaners are easier to monitor
  • Contractual agreement to protect company against theft or damages


  • This business has its peculiar challenges for instance how do you get companies or individuals to trust you?
  • What if you damage something while cleaning up their office?
  • What if one of your workers steals something belonging to a client?

These are just some of the problems in this business but don’t let that stop you if you’re serious about this business, you can start it and make some good money for yourself once you become well known and trusted.

Start up requirements

The amount needed to set up this business isn’t too much. You need mostly cleaning instruments and equipment all of which shouldn’t cost more than N30’000 for a start.

2 Mops + 2 Mop buckets - N2000
2 long brooms + Parkers – N1500
Soaps – N500
Cleaning cloth – N1000
2 Uniforms (branded t-shirts) – N8000
100 Colour Letter head papers (for proposals) – N3000 (it could be less than this amount depending on where you live)
Fliers – N7000
Others – N5000
Total – N28’000


For you to succeed in marketing, you have to target the correct group of people who will value your service, by the way you must be professional in how you approach these companies as your marketing approach will determine whether or not they’ll want to do business with you.

If you’re interested in finding out more on how to approach businesses in Nigeria to start a Professional cleaning service for Homes and Offices in Nigeria including writing them an effective proposal and who to approach contact me: email paulonwueme@gmail.com, 0803 206 4106 or BB pin: 235AB9BC