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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5 Profitable Businesses to do in Abuja, Nigeria

If you are in Abuja and wish to start a business that has relatively low capital (less than N10 million to start) and wish to recoup your investment within a year then you may want to consider these options. Mind you there is no guarantee that they’ll work out perfectly for you if you delve into any of them but keep in mind that they have good potential because of the available market.

Car Parking Service
Abuja’s key commercial districts such as Maitama, Wuse 2, and Central Business district are especially notorious for being congested due to heavy vehicular parking in and around strategic government buildings. With the threats posed by Boko Haram many organisations have now turned previously available car parking space into security check points and people just have to park their cars somehow. The solution is to find an unused plot of land very close to these key organisations and charge people N100 as parking fee. Even plazas can also be used for this purpose as some people knowingly park for free within them.

Lunch and Meals delivery service
Workers in Abuja are always keen on having lunch as its one of the few times they can conveniently leave their office for something that isn’t official but good meals are expensive. On the other hand not everyone has the priviledge of owning a car or being able to board a taxi to their favorite meal spot so delivering good meals to people in their offices serves a valuable purpose and it’s quite lucrative as well.  

Training Center  
Do you know how much people need skills to empower themselves and increase their earning potentials? There are thousands of people in search high quality management and professional training here in Abuja including civil servants. If you can rent an office space measuring 50 square meters within the city center and equip it adequately you are almost there, Networking is key marketing strategy in this business and so is professional milestones. 

African Style Restaurant and Fruit Bar
Abuja is a convenient place to set up a restaurant and fruit bar but this business will record heavy patronage mostly during weekdays when people are out at work rather than weekends but even weekends should also sufficiently record some patronage. The restaurant should serve delicious mostly African delicacies, affordably priced and the ambiance should be attractive, while there should be fruit drinks freshly made for sale to customers. Ideal locations for this business in Abuja include; Wuse 2 around busy offices and plazas, Maitama close to Aguiyi Ironsi way and Garki, Area 8. Most of your customers would likely drive themselves from wherever to have a taste of your meals.

Grocery Service
Provide your customers with decent grocery shopping experience within touching distance from their homes and you’ll smile to the bank. The main success factors to consider here are; variety of options for shoppers, clean environment, proximity to high population residential areas, good pricing of your groceries, and adequate car parking. So look for a plaza or a compound with packing space of up to 10 cars or even more close to a heavily populated area, stock your store with high quality groceries and enough for your customers to make a choice and it’s only a matter time before you start making huge sales.

All these businesses face serious challenges in terms of high cost of rent and stiff competition needless to say it’s not enough to discourage you if you have a potent market strategy.

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