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Monday, November 27, 2017

Short Guide on Using Professional Business Plan Writing Service in Nigeria

Professional Business Plan Writing Service in Nigeria is fast becoming an all comer’s affairs. When you do a google search for business plan writing in Nigeria or similar keyword terms you will see dozens of entries by all kinds of people with questionable competence and qualifications calling themselves “professional business plan writers in Nigeria”.
That however is by the way, when you have picked a business plan writer in Nigeria to work with there are many things you should consider and even more importantly questions to ask so you can safely sieve out the pretenders from the actual contenders as far as professional business plan writing in Nigeria is concerned.

What to lookout for in a professional business plan writing service?
When you contact a professional business plan writer but you don’t really know for sure if he/she really knows his/her turf, be on the lookout for pointers to guide you. These pointers do not necessarily apply 100% conclusively of the time but they certainly provide some sort of background check into the business plan writer.

  • Competent Business Plan Writer

All competent business plan writers are original, gifted analysts and very effective business writers. The depth of their write-ups always creates a connection between the reader and realistic business expectations. There is usually little guess work but plenty of factual realities which must guide the reader to achieving realistic outcomes. You can often judge a competent business plan writer in a proper email or phone chat through the expression of his array of business knowledge even when he/she is not necessarily a specialist in any single business venture.

  • Proven Track Record

If you have been writing business plans for more than 3 years without being successful with any client securing funding, expressing satisfaction for the quality of work done nor any other positive feedback from a third party about the quality of the business plan then surely the use of such a business plan writing service can only amount to a huge risk run by a rookie and certainly not worth having.

  • Efficient Business Plan Delivery Service

There are ways in which every business delivers a service. When a business plan writing service is fraught with inefficiencies in how the client’s brief would be delivered and how disputes if any could be resolved obviously such a service is run by rookies. Check out the terms of service and ensure that all loopholes have been taken care of before taking up the business plan writing service.
When a Professional Business Plan Writing Service fails a standard test

There are key pointers to a fraudulent and incompetent business plan writing service. This, unlike in the previous point above (what to lookout for) is very conclusive in showing you the mistake in hiring a business plan writer who fails this test. Check out these pointers;

Stealing other websites’ contents
Some so called professional business plan writers in Nigeria often lift contents from other websites without acknowledging the source. They are very easy to catch, do a simple google search with many of their blog post titles and you will discover just how these dishonest writers pretend to know their work when in actual fact they are experts at plagiarizing other websites.

Giving very ignorant and irrelevant answers to simple questions
One clear instance is in their blog posts comments section. Reading through puts an experienced business owner off at the crass ignorance displayed when a quack consultant with expertise in many fields refers the people asking questions to other sources whereas his blog post is supposed to be a complete guide on the topic, even more comical is how the answer to many of the questions asked is a display of ignorance of what the actual question is. This should tell you straight away that you are in for a ride with someone who will both frustrate you and waste your money and time.

Professional Business Plan Writing Services (Final Tips)
  • Do more than 1 enquiry (don’t ask only one business plan writer about his services before hiring anyone)
  • Be patient, do a good research before contacting anyone
  • Do your due diligence. Find out more about their location and existing track records
  • Make sure your questions are open ended to put the business plan writer to the test about how much he really knows about business writing or general business management
Thanks for reading.

Paul Onwueme is a professional Business Plan writer since February 2014, has achieved respectable results with his business plan writing service with several of his clients securing funding and leaving positive feedback about his writing service. You can connect with him via phone: 0803 206 4106 or email: paulonwueme@gmail.com