Thursday, August 7, 2014

How to Set Up a Public Relations Management Business in Nigeria

Public relations management is the commercial service of rendering image laundry for businesses and brands to the general public. A Brand is any popular name such as the name of a product or service or even that of a celebrity. Everybody that has public dealings wants to have a good reputation especially if your work entails constant public dealings. So big businesses have brands, celebrities are brands on their own, government and political leaders are all in need of brand management.  Hence Public Relations management is essential to established businesses in order to maintain a good reputation in the eye of the public.

Nigeria has a huge population of teeming and impressionable folks who associate with different products, services, celebrities with what available information is within their reach in the media. This means as an expert in PR you can actually shape the opinion of the public towards a particular brand. Businesses are aware of this hence why they hire PR companies. Nigerian businesses pay billions of Naira every year for advertising and public relations so the opportunities are limitless.

As a PR consultant you could earn money annually for your services to SMEs, government establishments, NGOs, Celebrities foreign companies and more. Your rates could be as little as half a million naira a year per client to many times that amount depending on your standing in PR business in Nigeria.

Qualifications and Requirements
To run a standard PR business in Nigeria you need to have a first degree in Mass communication although you can acquire a diploma in Public Relations from the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) which would grant you a license to operate the business in Nigeria.

Start Up Summary
Office Space – N300,000
Computer and ICT gadgets – N150,000
Stationery - N50,000
Furniture – N200,000
Marketing – N60,000
Others – N150,000
Total – N860,000

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