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Monday, October 13, 2014

Business Opportunity: Gifts and Souvenir Shop

There is a huge business opportunity in providing bespoke gifts and souvenir items in Nigeria to mostly a middle class population and corporate organisations in Nigeria.

The market is quite huge judging from how much Nigerians are willing to spend to show affection and solidarity with others.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

How to start a Budget Hotel/Inn business in Nigeria

Nigeria being the most populated country in Africa and the busiest market on the continent attracts tens of thousands of daily visitors who troop in for business or pleasure. The estimated return on investment is between 20 and 30% net profit on total sales.

Opportunities in the Budget Hotel Business
One online report has it that not less than 20,000 people fly in daily into Lagos and Abuja both local and international for business purposes alone. The vast majority of these people are on official trips from companies they represent and so need to be accommodated for the duration of their visit. Where could they possibly be hosted?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to set up an Online Retail Store in Nigeria

The Nigerian Online Retail Store Business is one of the fastest growing business opportunities you can find at the moment in Nigeria. A recent study done by one of Nigeria’s leading management companies – Philips consulting – showed that Nigerians spend more than N1.3 billion monthly on online shopping with Jumia enjoying 38% of the market and Konga coming second with 26% among others including dealdey, Olx and Kaymu. These are the top 5 online shopping malls in Nigeria and the funny thing is only 8% of Nigerian internet users have actually shopped online before. So imagine how much sales they could be doing if 40% of the estimated 48 million active Nigerian internet users were to shop online just once a month and spend not less than N10,000 on each transaction, we would be talking N19.2 billion per month in sales.

What you need to start an Online Retail Store in Nigeria
So you want to set up an online retail store and you’re wondering what you need to take off? Take note;

Monday, September 15, 2014

Nigerian Business Plan and Proposal Writing Services

I render a number of services tailored to meet various customer needs;

1) Business Plan Writing
Basic Business Plan
Intermediate Business Plan
Premium Business Plan

N15,000 without MR or N40,000 with MR
N20,000 without MR or N50,000 with MR
N40,000 without MR or N80,000 with MR
Number of Pages
15 maximum
20 maximum
25 – 40 pages
Delivery Date
5 working days max
10 working days max
20 working days max
Market Research (MR)
I'll do the research
I'll do the research
I'll do the research
Business  Type
Start-ups and MSME
Start-ups and SMEs only
Medium Scale Businesses
2) Proposal Writing

Number of  pages
15 max
10 max
Delivery Date
3 working days
3 working days

3) Business Blogging

Business Article Writing
Web Content  Articles
N4,000 per 1000 words
N2,500 per 1000 words
Suitable for
Internet marketing via Websites or blogs

Friday, September 12, 2014

Halal Food Business Opportunity for Nigeria

Halal Food refers to food that is regarded as lawful for Muslims to eat. They include any meals that are prepared following strict Sharia law. Certain criteria is needed for food to be classified as Halal such as; the food being dedicated to Allah, only live animals slaughtered with a sharp knife cutting through throat but not damaging the spinal cord etc.

Pork, Gelatin, Alcohol and several other foods not considered healthy or good for Muslims are termed 'Haram' and can't be sold to Muslim faithfuls.

Market Overview

There are more than 80 million Muslims in Nigeria with many of them being devout and strictly follow their religious principles. Halal products very often are certified by regulatory Islamic organisations within the countries in which they operate. Although Nigeria is not an Islamic country but she belongs to the Organisation of Islamic countries and is hence a suitable market. The standards organisation of Nigeria is the only certified


In Northern Nigeria where Sharia law is predominantly practiced there are unlimited opportunities to market this service and along with its numerous products including beef, cereals, cosmetics, dairy products, poultry products and lots more. However even Christians purchase Halal products including food and lifestyle items.


Religion is a highly contentious issue in Nigeria and it's a multi-religious society, how do you market this service without whipping up religious sentiments or further alienating potential customers?