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Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Home Business Ideas for Nigerian Housewives

If you are a housewife or as the Americans would say, stay at home mum and are looking for an extra source of income or just want a business venture that will keep you busy or at the very least help you overcome boredom, then you may want to try out some of these ideas that other successful stay at home mums have done and are making some really cool amounts of money. Practically these and several more of these ideas exist so be on the lookout for others just in case your taste doesn’t rhyme with any of these.

1.      Crafts business

There are so many artistic venture that can be classified as crafts; making teddy bears, sweaters, chess pieces, fine pottery, paintings, baby dolls and other handmade stuff including toys. The list of these items can go on forever what I actually mean to say is it is endless. As long as there are things you can make with your hands that other people will appreciate and you have enough time on hand to make them, then you are good to go.

2.      Online Classes

Women these days are finding extra sources of incomes in carrying out online classes for people who want to learn about so many different things including foreign languages such as; French, Spanish and even English. Another thing people are willing to pay to learn how to do is playing a particular musical instrument such as the guitar or the piano. Some people want to learn chess and other strategy games and the list goes on. A housewife can embark upon whatever online teaching classes she so desires. The only requirements are to be connected to the internet and to have either a website or blog from which to run it.

3.      Freelance writing

There is another opportunity in freelance writing. Websites like www.guru.com and www.elance.com have opportunities for commercial and creative writers to work as contractors and get paid fees on a contractual basis by registered clients. There is no limit to how much you can make from it as there are credible cases of people making over a hundred thousand dollars a year from freelance writing services. By the way most freelance writing websites are free to join and you can start almost immediately after joining them to bid for contracts.

4.      Affiliate marketing

This kind of marketing which is very popular on the internet can be done in two ways. One way is to run a theme based website such as www.carbuyingtips.com when in you can promote products and services that relate to your website’s theme. Some people make a full time profession this way and it has proven to be a highly successful business model. The other way of running affiliate marketing is to use a free articles directory or revenue sharing website such as www.hubpages.com or www.squiddo.com . These two websites along with several others allow users to register for free and start publishing articles for the web. There are two ways you can make money with article websites and they are; by signing up with Google’s advertising program called adsense or using another affiliate marketing network such as Amazon’s Associate Program. The only difference between the two is that while adsense earnings come by way of clicks, Amazon’s comes from sales. To learn more about affiliate marketing read my article about make money writing online or follow this link.

5.      Flower nursery

Some people love to keep flowers, while some others love to buy and share them. If you love flowers, you can start a flower garden and sell your exotic and rare flowers to flower lovers. Even within your neigbourhood there should be flower lovers or you could supply a local store or shop with your flowers.

6.      Day care center

Even from the comfort of your home you can start a day care center. Women who are too busy at work to take their toddlers with them can come and drop them with you while they go to work. But this business needs trust. Not so many women will be willing to drop their child with just anybody so be aware of this. Love for kids is another requirement for success in this business. If you are trust worthy and trusted and you love kids how about starting a day care center?

7.      Dance classes

Being a stay at home mum should not stop you from being an excellent dancer or teacher. If you know how to dance and are willing to teach people some of your dance skills, you can start a weekend dance class or possibly a daily dance class depending on your environment and who your potential customers are.

8.      Review Website

Another excellent idea is with a review website, where all you do is review products and services. The wonderful thing about review websites is that they have a tendency to convert higher meaning that you can make more money from affiliate marketing and from adsense than other normal websites. Review websites are cheap to start and easy to maintain. There is no end to product that can be reviewed, from designer shoes, to handbags, to laptops even cars can be reviewed.

9.      Blogging

Blogging seems to be in vogue. Many people prefer to own blogs to websites because of the interactive nature of blogs and their tendency to have a large following. Also blogs can be started free of charge and can actually provide some reasonable income on the long run. Good websites 

10.  Contractor services

Is there any business skill you possess as a housewife or single mother? For instance are you an excellent typist? Are you good with book keeping, marketing and communication? How about customer service, there are online virtual companies that hire office assistants and virtual staff to do their typing, book keeping, customer service/phone answering services and even their marketing for them. You can sign up for free with them and start a part time or full time business if you so wish.
These are just some of the ideas I know you may come across others on your own but starting from any of these isn’t a bad idea.