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Monday, February 27, 2012

3 Profitable Small Business Ideas that need little or no money to start

I have often wondered what one has to do to make some cool cash these days without really having so much stress with regard to making a substantial monetary investment. There are so many businesses to pick from but the challenge still remains which ones make the most money and require little capital to start.

First I will recommend being a freelance sales agent for reputable car companies for a start. No business will turn down any enthusiastic person who wants to bring more customers for them. Imagine if I have great selling skills and I’m able to convince many people to buy cars from a particular dealer, I wouldn’t have to invest a dime rather all I would be doing is moving round letting people no about a car that is in good condition available for sale. I get my commission for every buyer I introduce to the car dealer that makes a purchase. I could earn as little as 5% on overall sales and that could translate into tens of thousands of naira for me.

Another idea that fits this description would be as an affiliate marketer which is an internet money making idea. This method is similar to the first except that with affiliate marketing I take my business of convincing people to buy a product online rather than offline. I write reviews about a product to give potential buyers an informed opinion about the product in order to convince them to buy the product. For every successful transaction done through me, I get paid a commission as well.

The third small business idea I have in mind is hair dressing and please don’t wonder why I should think about this idea because not only is it not for the ladies, it is also very profitable if well managed. I’ve heard of a guy who makes hair, fixes nails and does spa treatment for ladies in Abuja, he came to Abuja in 1995 with nothing, today he lives in his own house and drives flashy cars, the reason he is so rich (for a hairdresser) is because he has become exceptionally good at what he does and managed his business so well that people travel from afar to patronize him. He started with nothing. Another lady in my neighbourhood also recently started hairdressing, she had been looking for a job for 2 years now and so far she is doing okay and isn’t interested in looking for a job again.

These three small business ideas don’t require much money to start but they are profitable so for those without jobs or those working part time, this is a good start for them.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

7 Lucrative Products To Sell Online in Nigeria

What can one find to sell online in Nigeria to make some serious cash these days? It would seem that with so much unemployment out there that the internet can at least offer some amount of hope for unemployed people or people with business savvy, here are some interesting ideas to pursue to start making money online in Nigeria.


Deals are special offers that people can get at reasonable prices. There are many examples of deals such as; discount sale of special items, promotional sales, travel deals and so on. If I have a boutique that is new in town and I want to let people know about it, one of the best ways to do this will be by offering an irresistible price for a high value item like may be corporate suits. Deals are popular online selling items in Nigeria.

Real Estate

It is hard to find real estate companies that don’t do internet marketing because many of them know that Nigerians are going online to look for apartments or houses to buy or sell.


Cars are also in high demand, if you do business online selling cars you are bound to meet customers but to succeed in this business you must know a lot about internet marketing.

Mobile Phones

Nigerians never seem to tire when it comes to buying mobile phones. Selling phones online is another way to smile to the banks.

Hotels and reservations

Nigerians are willing to look for hotels to secure reservations for business or pleasure. You will find that helping people with finding good hotels for great prices is another fast moving online product to market.

Flights and Airline tickets

Airline tickets and flights are also great online best selling items in Nigeria.


Information about how to make money, trainings and certifications packaged as ebooks or reports are excellent money making products as well.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

5 Examples of Successful Small Businesses in Nigeria

For a business to be successful it has to be profitable and profitable businesses naturally expand. So all successful small businesses have two common characteristics which are; they make profit and they are constantly growing as a result of re-investment of profits.

In Nigeria there are quite a few businesses that expand despite the economic hardship and there is no sign that they won’t grow. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Sports Bar/Viewing Center

During the hay days of sports viewing centers, many millionaires emerged with incredible amounts of income made from simply charging people to watch football matches. In Nigeria, many of these businesses are the major source of income for families and are not showing any signs of slowing down: people will continue to watch premiership matches, Champions league, world cup and other major football events. With poor power supply the savvy business men involved in this business will continue to grow rich.

Cosmetics and Fashion Accessories

Ladies always want to look beautiful, hence why they invest heavily on their looks. It is hard to come across a woman who doesn’t want to be admired by men and that explains why businesses that cater to the needs of women will continue to do well. Selling body creams, soaps, hand bags, shoes, cosmetics, even jewelery are some examples of business ideas one can find in this niche. Just think about satisfying women’s desire to look beautiful.

Real Estate Agency

In big towns and cities, there is a heavy demand for apartments by people working and in desperate need for affordable and reliable accommodation. It is not uncommon to find real estate agents that were nobodies becoming rich in a short time. Many people have found this business to be lucrative but be on the look out for scammers who may want to give the profession a bad name.

Event Planning

People will always get married, organize social events, launch products, try and promote their products or other ideas. The point is events hold everyday, everywhere and people don’t always have the time to plan and manage a good event that people will speak well of. It surprises me when I see that despite our poverty we spend a lot of money on events no wonder many event planners are smiling to the bank.

Selling Blackberry and other Smart phones

Blackberry and other smart phones are in high demand in Nigeria and a few savvy Nigerian business men are smiling to the bank for doing so. According to one newspaper report I read at least 1 million Blackberry phones are being used in Nigeria with more and more people wanting to have theirs as well. Smart phones especially Samsung Galaxy is also in high demand. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Make money selling stuff online in Nigeria

People are making money online in Nigeria and many of them don’t have websites or physical addresses for the various businesses they own or run. It is a myth when people say that making money online in Nigeria is not possible except if you are going into ‘yahoo yahoo’ full time. That is ridiculous considering that besides selling stuff online a number of Nigerians like Seun Osewa of Nairaland have shown that making money online in Nigeria is not a myth. Seun is swimming in money if you understand what I mean but for clarification sake he is making so much that he no longer needs a regular job to survive unlike yours sincerely who is still journeying to the top.

Back to the theme of this post which is how to make money selling stuff online in Nigeria. What are the conditions to be met and items that can be sold to make money online in Nigeria?

First we cannot talk about making money online in Nigeria if it is not possible for customers to pay online or by direct bank deposits except in some exceptional cases where the customer will have to inspect the item before purchase e.g real estate, cars and so on. Where as in another case many people sell stuff online through their retail stores and make some cash in the process by e-tranzact, debit cards or naira master cards.

There are other factors to look at also before considering selling stuff online in Nigeria such as advertising medium. How will customers find you? Some people use SEO techniques to promote their businesses via their websites while others go to facebook and nairaland to do their advertising and marketing. Some people use online deal services such as Google Trader, Dealdey and Dealfish to market their services.

The best items to sell online seem to be mobile phones, laptops, cars and real estate at least these are the things that Nigerians search for online and are willing to pay for hence if you are looking for what to sell online these items are a good starting point.

But despite all what I have mentioned making money online by selling stuff isn’t an easy task because of relatively low internet penetration and problem of trust. Also the lack of an efficient e-payment system and the fact that Nigeria still has infrastructural and technological problems which makes it even harder to sell and make money online but even with that some Nigerians are still making money online.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who is a Business Savvy Person?

It has often been said that a lot of successful small business owners are business savvy people. This makes one wonder what it means to be business savvy since being business savvy naturally entails becoming successful in business.

There are quite a few schools of thought on what it means to be business savvy let’s have a look at some potential meanings.

According to inferences from various responses on yahoo answers as well as articles on wikipedia and elsewhere online to be business savvy means to have and apply working knowledge of how to do business effectively - minimizing risks, maximizing income potentials and curtailing excessive spending. Clearly, you are business savvy if you know how to make a lot of sales, minimize costs and your exposure to risks whenever new opportunities to make money shows up.

Some other people might argue that being business savvy entails knowing how to use the available business resources at your disposal to achieve maximum results. In that regard, some will say achieving set business goals and objectives with what you have is being business savvy. That naturally means one who is business savvy is a good manager of people and resources and an excellent identifier of business opportunities and money making ideas.

But business is never a one way street. There is the competition to deal with, an industry to understand, a market to penetrate or dominate and government that regulates the way and manner you do business, business savvy also extends to this area as well.


People who are business savvy don’t just know how to make money and spend it wisely, they also know how to relate well with people to achieve their aims, work in such a way they comply with Government regulations and have excellent working knowledge of how to manage a business. Where does this leave you the ordinary small business owner? The answer to that question will tell whether or not you are business savvy and if you can become successful in business.

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