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Sunday, February 26, 2012

7 Lucrative Products To Sell Online in Nigeria

What can one find to sell online in Nigeria to make some serious cash these days? It would seem that with so much unemployment out there that the internet can at least offer some amount of hope for unemployed people or people with business savvy, here are some interesting ideas to pursue to start making money online in Nigeria.


Deals are special offers that people can get at reasonable prices. There are many examples of deals such as; discount sale of special items, promotional sales, travel deals and so on. If I have a boutique that is new in town and I want to let people know about it, one of the best ways to do this will be by offering an irresistible price for a high value item like may be corporate suits. Deals are popular online selling items in Nigeria.

Real Estate

It is hard to find real estate companies that don’t do internet marketing because many of them know that Nigerians are going online to look for apartments or houses to buy or sell.


Cars are also in high demand, if you do business online selling cars you are bound to meet customers but to succeed in this business you must know a lot about internet marketing.

Mobile Phones

Nigerians never seem to tire when it comes to buying mobile phones. Selling phones online is another way to smile to the banks.

Hotels and reservations

Nigerians are willing to look for hotels to secure reservations for business or pleasure. You will find that helping people with finding good hotels for great prices is another fast moving online product to market.

Flights and Airline tickets

Airline tickets and flights are also great online best selling items in Nigeria.


Information about how to make money, trainings and certifications packaged as ebooks or reports are excellent money making products as well.